PAC gives 4 recommendations for annual audit report

The Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament noted that a number of observations pointed in its report were recurrent lapses reflected across different agencies, year after year.

The irregularities occurred not because of a lack of rules or procedures but failure on the part of implementing agencies to comply.

The Committee also observed that in many cases, agencies have not taken seriously to learn from the past audit observations and recommendations of RAA and PAC.

The Committee therefore, reiterated the RAA’s recommendations.

One is review the practice of granting advance to contractors beyond the scope of the PRR. The Procurement Rules specifies mobilization advance of 10% of the contract price and the secured advances against the construction materials brought at site by the contractor subject to maximum of 75% of the cost of materials delivered at site must be granted.

Another is that the RAA noted various inconsistent practices adopted in the use of the hospitality and entertainment expenses budget. In order to provide appropriate control over this expenditure head, there is a need to develop guidelines that specifies principles, scope and purpose of such expenditure.

A third is need for rectification or reconciliation of differences in accounts of budgetary agencies.

 Fourth is a need for agencies to enforce contractual provision for insurance for medium and large scale works.

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