PAC presents Audit Reports and provides recommendations

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) presented the Annual Audit Reports 2008-2011, the Annual Audit Report 2012 and recommendations of the Royal Audit Authority (RAA) at the joint sitting of the Parliament yesterday.

PAC chairperson, Trongsa’s NC representative Tharchen introduced the members of the joint committee before making his presentation.

According to the PAC Report, PAC recommends RAA to resolve all pending issues of Annual Audit Report 2008-2010 with concerned agencies within April 30, 2014. Further, all agencies should be directed to resolve issues pertaining to April 2011 and 2012 by November 30, 2014.

Significant irregularities has been observed in Penden Cement Authority Limited (PCAL) both in the Annual Audit Report 2011 and 2012, hence the PAC directed the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to conduct a special investigation based on the RAA reports and submit a report thereafter to Parliament.

There are a number of cases under investigation with the ACC and the office of the attorney general (OAG). The committee recommends ACC and OAG to expedite the investigation process and take necessary action accordingly.

Of the 26 thematic and performance Audit Report, the first Parliament had deliberated upon about 15 reports. The PAC also directed RAA to undertake a follow up on all the past reports and submit status report in the forth coming session.

The PAC sought permission of the Parliament to delegate the review of some of the updated performance and thematic Audit Report to relevant committees in both houses. The deliberation on those reviews may be conducted by respective Houses individually without routing it through the PAC at a joint session. Such a step is necessary to clear the backlog.

While the Annual Audit Reports on financial aspects will be presented for deliberation, the PAC went on to seek the approval of the house to table and deliberate on the various performance and thematic Audit Reports during every winter session of Parliament.

The committee reported that Nu. 17, 000 has remained unresolved for the year 2008 as of May 17, 2013. Similarly, Nu. 13.112mn for the year 2009, Nu. 93.868mn for the year 2010 and Nu.363.161mn for the year 2011 remained unresolved as of 17 May 2013.

In the year 2012, the RAA had completed 600 audits including 98 certification audits, one performance audit and one thematic audit. It was reported that the RAA had recovered a recorded high on Nu. 147.641mn in 2012 which is an increase by 68.90 percent compared from 2011.

The deliberation of the Report will continue on September 23 in the next joint sitting of the Parliament.

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