Packaged entertainment for the people till year end

This New Year, entertainment hits the country all packaged and ready to be served for the public in the form of the Collection of Adaptable and Reaching Events (Care) 2013, a collection of events that range from social, sport and knowledge based events.

Woezer events is the organizer for the Care 2013.

The administrative officer Namgay said “Care 2013 is the first of its own introduced for the absolute benefit of society, youth, local companies and comes at very affordable prices”.

“It is very important as innovative activities can bring people to one area where companies can promote each other,” he said.

To maximize the market penetration, the organizers will be reaching out to the Dzongkhags by organizing various events and all the updates, on all the events would be done through the social media, print media and on national television to reach out to as many people as possible.

“It has the sole purpose of enabling the company and businesses to promote and advertise their goods and services to bring them in direct contact with their customers,” said Namgay.

The events are adaptable in many ways as it is suitable for all the age groups. The entertainment events, besides engaging the youth in useful activities, would empower women and create social awareness in the society.

The first event organized by the Woezer Events management was the open badminton tournament which was played on the fourth of this month. The tournament was divided into four categories, men’s singles, mixed doubles and women’s singles. The winners were awarded Whirlpool refrigerators and the runners up with ultra slim 21” Samsung Television sets.

The second upcoming event of the Care 2013 is the Futsal championship which will be held from February 1-17 in the Changlimithang grounds where the participants will be in 35 teams and the audiences expected for the matches are around 3,000-4,000.

The winners will be awarded cash prizes of Nu 30,000 and the runners up with prize Nu 10,000. The players will be awarded certificates and the individual trophies.

The total budget required is Nu 350,000.

The upcoming events in the Care 2013 are the women’s khuru tournament, international day of happiness in the month of march.International Book and Copyright Day in April. 3-on-3 basketball tournaments in May, Social Forestry Day, World Day Against Child Labor in the month of June, summer basketball championship in July. International Youth Day in the month of August and World Tourism day in September. World Food Day in the month of October, Coronation Day in November and finally World AIDS Day and New Year plans in the month of December.

Furthermore CARE 2013 offers exclusive opportunities to promote ones own organization and build visibility among more than 150,000 visitors and also invites organizations who support the CARE 2013 to communicate their visibility through event partnership.


Sonam Wangmo / Thimphu



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