Parents concerned over children being bogged down with assignments

Many parents and students shared their concerns with the overload of school assignments online. Some parents even questioned whether it is compulsory to do all the assignments since the students feel pressurized. Some parents also said they are not getting enough time to help their children with the assignments. Some of the parents have even asked the government if their children can take a gap year.

Prime Minister (PM) Dr Lotay Tshering, during the meet-the-press held yesterday, said learning is important and gaining knowledge is important for everyone. As for the overloading of assignments given by the teachers, PM said he cannot say whether it is compulsory or not, but as per the situation, the government will be planning on what subjects are to be taught, and whether the students should take all the subjects or not.

PM also said that the teachers are working even though the schools are closed as they are committed to their work, and they are making sure they rightly earn their monthly salary.

The PM said that he would ensure that there would not a situation where there is an exam and children with better phones and internet connection do better.

He also said parents need to consider the fact that such school workload has been done by teachers for many years. It is time for the parents to realize how the teachers are handling their children. There is a saying that teachers are second parents. Parents should help their children when their respective class teachers ask them to work on their homeworks and assignments, said Dr Lotay Tshering.

PM also said the government will decide whether to do away with the school assignments. The way of learning in school has changed, and it is a great opportunity for all the students to learn through e-Learning, he added.

Parents can also seek the help or enquire with the teacher about their children’s assignment if they are unable to understand, said PM

Meanwhile, PM also discussed about the tuition fees for private schools. He said that it has just been a few weeks since the schools have closed down, and so the time for a change in the education policy is not necessary as things can currently be adjusted from the winter or summer holidays. But if the situation gets worse then the government might think about it, assured the Prime Minister.

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