Parents of the Paro case and Dena Koirala await justice

The two heinous crimes involving the violent deaths of two minor girls are still under investigation. Parent’s of both the deceased girls await justice while the Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) says they are still investigating the cases.

Both the cases have been given high priority by the RBP and they have called in a few suspects in connection to those two cases, but there has been no tangible progress or breakthrough so far.

Nine-year-old Dena Koirala lost her life in a forest in Dangrina, Dechencholing in Thimphu on 11 December 2019 with the forensic report indicating strangulation with ligature marks.

The 8-year-old girl in Paro lost her life at 50 meters above Satsam Chorten, Drugyel in Paro on 18 September 2019 after she was raped and mutilated.

The father of 9-year-old Dena Koirala said that they did not get any information from police on the case and when they called to ask the RBP they were told that they are still investigating the case. After the incident, they were called once to police station for questioning and since than they were not called as of now.

He said, “Few months ago, one man who is a total stranger to me came to my house in Tsirang and threatened to kill me if I do not give him the money, which we got through donation from people. He also said that he was the one who killed my daughter.”

The father than immediately went to Tsirang police and reported the incident. The alleged suspect was then arrested by Tsirang police and was handed over to Thimphu police. Police said that they interrogated the suspect.

However, police said that they had to release the alleged suspect upon not finding any evidences to charge him. They have arrested a few suspicious suspects and have interrogated them and they are looking at every possible way to get to the culprit.

The father of the deceased said, “At the beginning, I have given two names whom we suspected to police. The police on their part are doing their job well but I am sure that a human killed my daughter and not an animal.”

He added that though they do not know where the case has reached and they are hoping for justice soon and they pray everyday for the RBP to get the right culprit.

The body of Dena was recovered partially eaten by an animal, however, the forensic report could not determine the exact cause of death. A forest official had initially said the probable cause of death was due to animal attack while forensic report said probable cause of death is due to strangulation.

The family has moved to Tsirang after the incident because they were having a difficult time with their income with what his wife (mother of the deceased) was earning. “We have got land on lease and are doing farming for our living,” he added.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old mother of the 8-year-old rape and murder victim in Paro said that she is waiting for justice to be pronounced soon. “Delay in getting justice is understandable for now as the country is in a greater crisis due to COVID-19. However, I believe that they are giving priority to my daughter’s case. I have been called to the police station few times for interrogation and the last time I was called was just before the lockdown,” she added.

She said that she has pointed out the name of a suspected person. The police released the suspect on surety after an investigation, however, he was re-arrested in a drug case earlier this year. 

She said, “Everyday I think of that day, and I am so desperate to get to those suspects who have done that to my daughter. I am expecting it won’t remain a mystery but if I fail to give justice to my daughter, I will regret for the rest of my life for failing to protect her.”

She said she is hoping for the best soon. The police in the meantime said that this case has been given priority always and they are doing their best to get to the culprit.

It was learnt that the alleged suspect who was once arrested after his fingerprint DNA matched with the DNA of one of the shoe laces in the neck of a deceased was sent on bail after the DNA of the spermatozoa found on the dead 8-year-old girl did not match with the suspect’s. 

The RBP said they are continuing with DNA testing though it involves a huge budget. In total they have collected more than 900 samples from the suspects. The mother is staying with her father at Drugyel, Paro and she is also into farming for now to earn her living.

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