Parliament agrees with PAC recommendation on establishing high courts in eastern and southern regions

The Public Accounts Committee report shared that many people from east and south have to travel to Thimphu to appeal to the high court, therefore it causes additional expenses and some are not even able to appeal to the high court due to the distance after the verdict is passed by the dzongkhag courts.

Jigme Wangchuk of Samdrup Jongkhar constituency said that  it is high time for the government to establish regional high courts or mobile courts where drangpons can go there for a few months and attend their cases so that people will get justice.

Likewise other members also raised similar issues and this was also supported by the other members of the parliament.

PAC has observed increasing number of cases in the dzongkhag courts therefore it was recommended by the committee members for appointment of Drangpon Rabjams in 15 dzongkhag and 13 Dungkhag courts or posting registrars for a fair trial and to reduce burden on the people. Likewise, delinking of notary services from the judiciary, refining the procedures for appealing cases, amending the Judicial Service Act 2007 and implementation of legal aid were also recommended.

The joint sitting of the Parliament agreed to the PAC recommendation on high courts and asked the government to explore its feasibility with the Judiciary.  

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