Parliament discusses digitalization of television

During the question and hour session, the Dewathang-Gomdar MP Ugyen Dorji raised an issue on digitalization of television, that is switching from Analog to Digital system and the confusion created among the public.

The MP said that there is a lot of confusion and concerns among the public regarding digitalization and consumers are affected by the sudden change.

Information and Communication Minister Lyonpo Karma Donnen Wangdi, said, “The work on switching of television signal from analog to digital system in Bhutan is not new but it started in 2016 and the benefit of switching from analog to digital is that the cable television viewer or consumers will get improved picture and sound quality in high definition”.

Lyonpo said, “We have 20 dzongkhags and 205 gewogs but we cannot provide television facilities or services evenly but if we switch our television signal from analog to digital, we can provide services Like BBS and other channels evenly.”

The MP said, “While we agree that digitalization of television have many benefits there are challenges and what can the government do and what are the way forward”.

Lyonpo said the Bhutan InfoComm and Media Authority (BICMA) after consultation with Association of Bhutan Cable Operator (ABCO) adopted the standards for operation of Digital Cable.

He said BICMA asked all the consumers to switch to digital by December 31 or have their television disconnected.

He said ABCO wrote to BICMA saying that the switching from analog to digital will not be done by December 31 and BICMA has extended the time.

“Within this time, we will look into the problem and if we are not able to switch from analog to digital we can switch back from digital to analog”, Lyonpo said.

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  1. Damn, the last statement is killing me now. Switching back to Analog from a digital? Will I get refund of Nu. 1500 for set up box if I choose to switch back?

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