Paro incumbent who won says he kept in touch with the people

With 3,547 votes, an incumbent candidate Ugyen Tshering became the National Council elect for the second term. Ugyen Tshering holds Bachelor of Commerce from Sherubtse College and he has served as National Council member for five years.

He said that it is important to be responsible and do things without a failure irrespective of where it is, in the parliament or outside the parliament. Moreover, it is equally important to keep in touch with the people, listen to them and be their voices.

“Just in case if we lose touch with the people, it is us who will be at loss. Therefore, for me, ever since the day I got elected in 2018, I always have visited my Dzongkhag every weekend and during government holidays and listened to peoples issues,” he added.

He further said that during his tenure in the NC, he has served with full dedication and has been the chairperson to various committees which indirectly contributed to his capabilities. Thereby, he has the full support from civil servants.

He has been chairperson to many committees in the house which gave him the room to understand and know more on the issues. He would use his past five years’ experience to serve his people and country in better ways.

“I now know which laws or policies needs to be reviewed, where the gaps are and what can be done to address the issues. I have been doing well during my last tenure and I am confident enough to serve my Dzongkhag during my next tenure,” he said.

Meanwhile, he thanked the people of Paro Dzongkhag for their all-time support, seeing the potential in him and giving him another chance to serve them better.

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