Paro police intercept a Bolero full of sex toys

Paro police arrested 6 men aged between 35 to 47 years on 29 November from Tshento, Paro for alleged smuggling of a Bolero full of sex toys. In addition, police have also seized two Boleros full of Chinese goods including blankets, mattresses and tea leaves which was brought from China.

The arrests were made after a tip-off. Of the 6 arrested suspects, 2 owned the consignment, while the other four were the carriers and helpers The suspects have confessed to bringing in the sex toys from China paying Nu 55, 000 as demanded by a non-Bhutanese in Jaigaon.

The news of this which came out on social media platforms led to much mirth among Bhutanese.

For now, the case is booked under smuggling of goods from illegal routes. As per section 279 of the Penal Code of Bhutan (PCB) 2004 Act, a defendant shall be guilty of the offence of smuggling, if the defendant secretly and illegally imports or exports the restricted and prohibited goods or substances including animal parts.

The defendant shall be a value-based sentencing as per section 280 of the act. All the six suspects were granted bail. The case is still under investigation.

As per the Micro, Retail and Wholesale Trade Regulation 2006, the trader shall be allowed to trade in all activities except restricted goods and those activities listed in the negative list. Pornography and pornographic materials is one amongst the negative list under the regulation.

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