Party plans for New Year’s eve

New Year Eve is just around the corner and the capital is filled with vibrant aura of festivity.

“What are you going to do this New Year Eve? Which club are you visiting? Please buy the tickets from me if you’re planning on clubbing! Oh! I have last year’s New Year resolution to fulfill!” Such usual rants at this time of the year are always welcome and familiar from last year’s memory too.

And before anyone ventures into the ‘New Year, New Beginning’ tradition by setting numerous annual resolutions for the year 2017 (fulfillment of which remains a mystery to many), most of the folks around are planning to drink till they drop, dance till they sweat and sing their hearts out and bid the year with an celebratory adieu.

Unlike those residing somewhere distant, with T-town as the most happening entertainment hub in the country, people here are not void of choices for selections of venues for their enjoyment.

“I’m very excited to celebrate the New Year with my girlfriend and some friends. I am looking forward to drink responsibly and visit Viva City club and dance the night away,” said a private employee, Sangay Choeda.

Viva City club, located in the heart of capital is famous for its theme-oriented celebrations. The club for the New Year Eve is going to charge Nu.1300 per head, all with a just reason that lucky draw tickets will be handed out from the entrance and the winners will be given attractive prizes. The first prizewinner will be given an iPhone 7, Dell laptop for the second and a Samsung LED TV 40” for the third.

Similarly Space 34, a favorite club of a younger crowd, is gearing up for the New Year Eves celebration with a bang by featuring 4 levels of entertainment, three dance floors with different music genres, karaoke and many such exciting programs. The entry price for the tickets is expected to be around Nu.1000.

Mojo Park, the town’s premier live-music bar, suited for those seeking friendly and refreshing ambience will be treated to a live performance by the band called Able and The Blind with Chimi Rinzin (special comeback), Supe, and Noko. The entry fees will be Nu 500 and free drink vouchers worth Nu 200 will be issued for everyone. The club will gear up for the night’s celebration from lunchtime and will continue until 2 A.M. Lucky draws with attractive prizes will also be announced.

The major hotels in town are also prepping for the New Year’s Eve celebration, with Taj Tashi organizing continental special dinners and live music performances. The hotel will also entertain lucky draw and give out attractive prizes. Hotel Druk, Thimphu will host an elaborate buffet along with live music in the bar.

However, there are many who want to keep the affair low-key, and enjoy with their family with soft music, snacks and food, and catching up one another over a glass of drinks. “I would rather celebrate the eve with my family and friends at home than hit some clubs and feel wasted the next day. I like the vibes and closeness such occasion brings among the family members and relatives,” said Tshering who plans to head to his parent’s place for celebrations.

“I am planning to just stay at home with my wife and the kids and welcome the New Year with some fine wines for the occasion,” said Pemba Dorji.

Mishaps and crimes also go parallel with such celebratory attitudes, thus the Royal Bhutan Police will also enhance their patrolling to watch out for drunk drivers and crime.

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