Patrolling brings results, Paro police currently investigate only one stabbing case

A 53 year old man was stabbed by a 43-year old man in his house on the night of 7 October.

The incident occurred at the victim’s place at Tshendona which is about 700 meters away from the Paro town. The victim is settled with his family at Tshendona.

The police are investigating the stabbing case.

The officer-in-charge of Paro police, Captain Penjor said “The suspect was arrested the same night from the crime scene. The suspect had sniffed dendrite and had gone to the house of the victim.

“As the victim entered the sitting room, where the suspect was, the suspect took out his Rambo knife and stabbed the victim on the right side of his body, below the chest,” the officer said.

The victim’s son and one of his friends who were present at the scene of the crime caught hold of the suspect before he could flee.

The Police was immediately informed by the victim’s son and the victim was rushed to Paro hospital by the other family members.

The same evening the victim was referred to the national referral hospital in Thimphu (JDWNRH).

Police have not yet revealed exactly what led to the stabbing but the officer-in-charge said they are waiting for the victim to recover who is now in a stable condition but under observation in the hospital.

The suspect is a divorcee and has two children and is from Paro.

The strategy of patrolling 24X7 by the Paro police has led to decline in the number of stabbing cases in Paro town as compared to the past, according to the Paro police.

Just the one case of stabbing was reported till date.


“Strict police patrolling is one measure which has led to decease in the cases,” said the officer.

“Our police personnel have been patrolling day and night and whenever they come across any suspicious looking or drunken people, we thoroughly check them and if any kinds of weapons are found on their person then it is seized and the person is questioned.


“Later the person or persons are handed over to their family members,” captain Penjor said.


Chencho Dema / Thimphu

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    24X7 patrolling is good but the police are contributing to the pollution by using vehicle day and night. The expenses for fuel, tyre, etc has to be borne by tax payer. What is so proud of 24×7 patrolling when big criminals like ministers and others are ruling bhutan freely. The police should not be happy with small catch. One lady was killed in hit and run case in Thimphu expressway but where is the criminal. 

    Chief should stop boosting so does his chamchas. Nothing happened to him in his atala’s harassment case.

  2. Parops and Haaps are known for stabbing

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