Pay Commission report under discussion

The revision of the salaries and other benefits for civil servants can only take effect after the Cabinet deliberates on the issue and getsapproval from the Parliament declared the Prime Minister during the Meet-the- Press session yesterday.

Although the Pay Commission Report has been submitted a month ago, it will only come into the picture after

the matter is discussed in the Parliament.

Sharing his views on the pay revision, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay said, “We are dealing with salaries and allowances, and we cannot allow or we should not have the public perception, public opinion, opinions of the interest groups dictate the decisions of the pay commission or the government.”

The Prime Minister said the pay revision will have to go through debates in the Parliament where various views from all interested parties and government will be heard.

The PM said it is too early to speculate, referring to the coverage on pay revision covered in the media and discussions across the various groups of people. He added that such speculations will lead to preempting of decisions whereby the government cannot take actions or will be in a difficult position to take decisions in the best interest of the people and the nation.

Further, he said the details of the report have not been revealed as it is open to recommendations and

changes, and therefore, the report is changing all the time.

“The resource basket is limited and it will make decision making, for all of us, very painful,” Lyonchhen added.

Lyonchhen said the pay commission’s report, recommendations, decisions and deliberations of Cabinet will be out as it will be discussed publicly in Parliament in the upcoming session.

The pay revision is one of the pledges made by People’s Democratic Party during the election process. The pay revision will be finalized during the next Parliament and will come into effect from beginning of July this year.

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