Pay hike arrives for CS

As Civil servants get their pay hikes there will be an increase in consumer spending.

A nurse, shares that he feels happy with the pay hike, as nurses will finally get a salary that will equal the duty they are bound with.

“I will be saving my money a bit and I will use it to buy better food and better clothes.”

Tshewang, a civil servant shared “I mean, the thing with money is that the more you have, the more you will spend. However, there are areas where I must invest, so for these, I’ll certainly save a certain amount. But on a larger note, I’ll be spending 90% of it as I will have to pay rent, bills, and loans.”

As their salary has been increased from 55-74%, most civil servants share happy thoughts of being able to afford a car.

Prakash, a civil servant shares, “My dream of being able to buy a car will finally be fulfilled. Before, I could not afford to buy a car because I had bills to pay however, with the hike, I can afford a car and be able to pay my bills and save a little.”

Yeshi, a civil servant shares, “I was always worried about the loan that I had from the bank for my brother who went to further studies. I have to pay the loan of Nu 17,700 monthly from my salary and the rest I have to utilize to pay my house rent and keep some for necessities. I had to manage somehow but now I am happy after the pay hike as now I can help my parent and have better life compared to before”.

A Teacher said, “Allowances are typically provided for specific purposes or contingencies, such as housing, transportation, or cost-of-living adjustments. While they may provide some immediate financial relief or cover certain expenses, they may not be consistent or reflect the overall growth and stability of an individual’s income. Thus, although any increase in compensation is beneficial, a pay hike in the form of an allowance may not provide the same level of financial security and comfort as a permanent raise in the basic salary.” 

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