Gyem Tshering with PM and Dokar-Sharpa MP Kesang Wangmo

PDP all set for 2018 election with 47 candidates

With the former Managing Director of Bhutan Power Corporation, Gyem Tshering, 59, joining as the People’ Democratic Party (PDP) candidate from Dogar-Shabha constituency, Paro, PDP has finally filled the 47 seats requirement.

Welcoming the party’s final candidate from Dogar-Shabha constituency during a formal arrangement, the Party President, Dasho Tshering Tobgay said that he was impressed and satisfied with Gyem Tshering’s profile in every aspect.

“He is intellectually capable, talented and comes with many years of experience after serving in various capacities. But possessing such attributes is not enough, it is very important to have a good heart and loyalty towards the Tsa-Wa-Sum. So Gyem Tshering has proved his unfailing loyalty for more than three decades, and I’m very happy to announce his candidature from Dokar-Sharpa as the party’s final candidate,” said the PDP President.

An electrical engineer by profession, Gyem Tshering started his career with the agriculture ministry. He has a Master of Science in Energy Planning and Policy from AIT, Thailand.

For a major part of his life, he worked with Chukha Hydroelectric Power Corporation (CHPC) and Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC). He worked as a shift engineer in CHPC and then as a transmission engineer and superintendent engineer. After that he joined BPC as a general manager of transmission and was later appointed as the executive director of transmission construction and director of transmission system.

After a series of career triumph, he resigned as the Managing Director of BPC to join politics. “I am joining politics, and as a candidate of PDP, to offer my services to the people of my constituency and the people of Bhutan. It is an opportunity to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum by directly engaging in the democratic process and contributing to nation building,” said Gem Tshering.

PDP commended Gyem Tshering for his contributions in the power sector, “We know that hydro power is one of the jewels of our nation, so starting from his contribution to the Chukha Hydroelectric Power Corporation to his involvement in the tactical planning works related to all the major hydro power projects, we must not forget to give credit to Gyem Tshering for all his contributions to the nation.”

Lyonchhen added that one of the major achievements during the 11th FYP is that fact that 99.9 percent of all the households have been electrified, with even the most remotest villages in the country located in at difficult terrains like, Soe, Lingzhi, and Laya reaping the benefits of power supply.

“Only handfuls of the households in Lunana are deprived of electricity because it wasn’t feasible to string the electrical wires due to weather condition there, so Gyem Tshering, in his former capacity as the Managing Director of BPC, proposed for an establishment of a mini-hydel plant in Lunana to electrify all the households. He personally led the planning of the mini-hydel plant and it is all set to start very soon. The government has also provided 92, 000 rural households with 100 units of free electricity every month, and all of these were made possible due to leadership of someone capable like Gyem Tshering,” added the Party President.

The government foregoes revenue of Nu 355 mn every year with its initiative to provide 100 units of free electricity to the rural households. It was mainly aimed at improving the living standards of the people living in rural areas.

With the unanticipated number of party supporters present during the official announcement of the Gyem Tshering’s candidature, PDP said that it indicates the curiosity among the people to know more about the candidate, and more importantly, it reaffirms their trust and support in the party for the serving the people for the last five years. “PDP has fully entrusted our party supporters with the role to act as bridge between the people of Bhutan and the party.

However, what is more important is to have the right candidates enter the party who can serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with unfailing loyalty and dedication, so that responsibility falls on us to select the best candidates.”

PDP General Secretary, Sonam Jatso, said that screening process of the aspiring candidates were carried out after proper research and wide consultation with the people concerned, including the party workers and supporters at the grassroots level. “After approval by the executive committee, the final endorsement takes place at the party convention,” said Sonam Jatso.

Lyonchhen also said that the serving MP from Dokar-Sharpa constituency, Kezang Wangmo, approached him two years back, expressing her wish to pursue a master’s degree to further her knowledge and skills. “Since she wishes to take a break and pursue higher studies, I’ve asked her to recommend us a capable candidate as her replacement, and she in turn recommended Gyem Tshering, and we have no doubt of the positivity he adds to the party with his knowledge, experience and loyalty in serving the King, country and people. I would also like to thank Kezang Wangmo for her service so far, especially in bringing forth numerous changes in addressing women and children related issues.”

PDP has declared 28 new candidates and rest 19 candidates would be re-contesting in the 2018 election.

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