PDP all set while BKP promises a comeback in 2023 elections

The two oldest parties outside Parliament are the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Bhutan Kuen-Nyam Party (BKP).

PDP is all set for the 2023 election with confirmed candidates from all the 47 constituencies. Of the 47 confirmed candidates, they have 18 new candidates joining the team as some of the former members have resigned from the party due to personal reasons, quitting politics or age.

The Party said that with joining of new candidates, the party has a mix of experience and expertise that further enriches the already existing pool of talent.

Meanwhile, for the 2023 election, PDP has a new approved slogan ‘For a Better Druk Yul, A Promise We Will Deliver’. The Party is also finalizing focus areas and key deliverables which will form the basis of the manifesto, according to the Party’s Secretary General Kuenga Tashi.

He further said, “Party workers across 20 Dzongkhags and 205 Gewogs are all ready and excited to support the party for next year’s elections. One good thing we have observed is the expectation and excitement thrust upon the party by the people themselves. The Party is ready to live up to this expectation and see a successful come-back.”

He said of the 18 new candidates, most of them joined the party given its strong dynamic leadership, past performance and the experience and expertise of the party, while some of the new candidates were encouraged to join given the party’s strong support base.

New parties will give choices to the people, he said, adding that, as the oldest political party, PDP is happy to see many new parties join the race.

He said PDP doesn’t have to go all out unlike the new parties. “Everything takes time, and we are happy to have across the country a formidable base built over many years,” he added.

He said PDP has an extraordinarily proven leader, rich experience in both opposition and government before, a strong team of candidates and a track record of having delivered which are the strength of the party. A simple effort of renewing and consolidating their network which they are already doing is good enough, he further added.

“More the better for PDP. Apart from giving people more choices, the vote share being split into 5 parties is most likely to provide a unique comparative advantage for PDP. Also, PDP is happy to learn that people have realized now more than before and appreciate how PDP has performed and delivered during its term as the government as well as opposition,” he added.

He emphasized on a general understanding among people that at such an inflexion point in the nation’s journey, they do not have the luxury to experiment with altogether new hands for a role as vital as forming a government.

He said with the National Transformation Initiatives underway, PDP has rendered special attention in selecting each of the 47 candidates for next year’s election, he said.

When asked if BKP plans to contest in 2023 the BKP President Sonam Tobgay said BKP has no reason not to contest any elections for that matter as long as it is a registered political party with the ECB.

When asked how many candidates the party has he said they will make an announcement early next year.

With the resignation of Aum Neten when asked who will be leading the party as its President he said Party Presidents are determined through a proper national party convention. “Dasho Neten’s shoe cannot be filled in, but BKP will make efforts in every aspect,” he said.

With BKP not getting state funding due to its vote share he said it is not an issue because if they qualify the primary round, one is entitled for state funding in the general round.

He said a bigger challenge is putting a worthy team of committed candidates, well qualified and equipped with adequate experience covering various spheres.

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