PDP announced twelve new candidates, two former NC switch political lanes

With the fast approaching primary round for the National Assembly (NA) elections, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has revealed 12 new candidates, taking its number of revealed candidates to 44 so far.

Kabji-Talo constituency, Punakha

Dophu Dukpa, 45-year- old, has a bachelor’s in agriculture economics from the University of the Philippines and master’s in agriculture systems from Chiang Mai University, Thailand. He has worked as an agriculture economist with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests for 11 years.

He has also served as a prevention officer with the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for two years, and later served as a managing director of Mountain Hazelnut Venture until 2010. He has since worked as a freelance consultant before joining politics.

“I joined PDP because I believe that this party offers the best alternative to our people,” said Dophu Dukpa. He also added that he believes the country needs a change, and PDP offers the change that is needed to take the country forward.

Kanglung-Samkhar-Odzorong constituency, Trashigang

30 –year- old Dorji Dukpa said he was inspired by the performance of the PDP president who always voiced the thoughts of the people and is never been intimated. “Despite the several challenges, he has performed exceedingly well,” he said.

Dorji Dukpa has worked more than two years in an NGO as a project manager, and he has a bachelor’s in arts from North Bengal University, India.

Bartsham – Shongphu constituency, Trashigang

Another PDP candidate that was revealed during the party convention Dr. Thinley Norbu, 39-year-old who has MBBS from Yangon University, Myanmar, and served for eight years as a medical officer in various health centers in Bhutan and was the medical doctor in Mangdechhu Hydroelectric Project Authority.

“We are living in a wonderful era, we have witnessed His Majesty giving democracy to his people,” he said. Adding that today, the citizens are trying to live up to the expectations of the Kings who has bestowed upon the people the gift of democracy. “I have joined PDP because I believe that this party truly understands the needs of the people,” he added.

Radhi-Sakteng constituency, Trashigang

Gongsar Karma Chhopel, 43-year- old has a master’s in science in aquatic biology from Texas State University USA, and a bachelor’s degree in science, limnology from South West Texas State University, USA in addition to the bachelor’s in science from Sherubtse College.

He started his career as a meteorologist in the erstwhile Ministry of Trade and Industry where he served for seven years and initiated the establishment of various classes of meteorological stations around Bhutan for data collection and weather forecasting and agro meteorological purposes.

He has also served as the Chief of Water Resources Coordination Division in the National Environment Commission for 12 years before resigning to join politics.

“I have closely followed the political process, and I have personally been impressed by the performance of the PDP as the first opposition party,” he said. He also added that he believes that PDP can offer a credible alternative to the people of this country.

Gelephu constituency, Sarpang

Gopal Gurung, 45, is a retired major with Royal Bhutan Army (RBA), and has a bachelor’s of arts from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Pune. He has served in RBA for 22 years.

He said it was an honour to be approached by the people of his constituency to have him represent them.

“I have been personally impressed by the performance of the opposition party, and I believe that the PDP is a very credible alternative to form the government,” he said.

Drujaygang-Tseza constituency, Dagana

PDP’s candidate from Drujaygang-Tseza constituency, Dagana is Karma Dorji.

A graduate with a bachelor’s in commerce and a post graduate diploma in education from Samtse, he decided to join politics to seek a bigger platform to serve people and the country.

He said that he was inspired by the two opposition MPs who have braved on, despite their number disadvantage with grace and dignity, and have made the nation proud. “I am inspired by the party’s ideology of Wangtse-chhirpel that aspires to bring people at the centre of the developmental process,” he added.

He has worked as a teacher for five years in Dagana.

Sergithang- Tsirang Toed Constituency, Tsirang

Novin Darlami, 27, has a bachelor’s degree in business management from Presidency College, Bangalore, India and MBA in marketing and human resources from Indian Academy, Bangalore University.

He worked as a business strategist at The Bhutanese newspaper. “I joined PDP because I truly believe that our people at the grassroots deserve to be empowered and the party’s ideology of Wangtse Chhirpel,” he said. Novin Darlami also added that he is inspired by the PDP leadership.

South Thimphu constituency, Thimphu

An educationist and a social worker, Tandin Wangmo, 38, has PTC, B.Ed from Samtse College of Education and M.Ed from University of Newcastle, Sydney.

She started her career as a teacher, and later worked as a master trainer in adolescent mental health promotion and a trainer of trainers’ in water and sanitation hygiene. She has also served as a deputy executive director before resigning to join politics.

“My decision to join politics is to facilitate and contribute to youth and women’s empowerment,” she said. She added that she had no doubts of joining the party, and she has the support of people in her constituency.

Dramedtse- Ngatshang constituency, Mongar

One of the younger candidates in the party, Tshering Dorji, 26, has a bachelor’s in business management from Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Tamil Nadu, India and has a diploma in computer application and retail management from India.

He worked in the movie industry as a director and a producer, and as a private businessman for two years. He said he believes the PDP is very well poised to bring in a much-desired change.

According to him, PDP has been a very strong opposition and has proved its mantle in the last five years, despite having only two members in the Parliament. “I believe it is time for all my fellow citizens to make the right choice this time around,” he said.

Chumey – Ura constituency, Bumthang

A former National Council – aspirant has switched lanes to NA politics from Chhumig – Ura Constituency, Bumthang

Tshewang Jurmi, 32-year-old has a bachelor’s in commerce from Sherubtse College. He has served as the NC representative of Bumthang in the last five years in the National Council.  “I have joined PDP with the belief that this party has performed exceptionally well in the past five years,” he said.

He also said that he has personally seen the two MPs in the opposition trying their best to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum. “I was touched and I was inspired,” he added.

Lamgong-Wangchang constituency, Paro

Yet another former NC member who changed political lane is 47-year – old Ugyen Tshering.

He served as a National Council member in the first ever democratically elected Parliament, and worked as an audio-visual consultant, and also served as the general manager of production (TV and Radio) department at BBS.

“I have joined the PDP because I believe our wonderful country deserves a very good alternative when we are experiencing unprecedented challenges,” he said. He also said that he believes that the PDP offers a credible leadership and a credible vision to lead the nation and people forward.

He has a bachelor’s in arts from Sherubtse College, Kanglung and a bachelor’s in arts in TV studies from University of Waikato, New Zealand. He did his post graduate diploma in film editing from Pune, India.

Menbi-Tshenkhar constituency, Lhuentse

Yeshey Dorji, 42, has a master’s in biology from the University of Missouri, USA and a bacholer’s in science from the University of Philippines.

He served as the project manager of the National Biodiversity Center and as the senior planning officer at the Ministry of Agriculture. He also worked as a private consultant specializing in natural resource management before joining politics.

“I contested as a PDP candidate from Lhuentse in 2008, and I am contesting again,” he said. He also said time he is even more determined than ever to serve the country.


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