PDP brings out four more candidates

Among the four new People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidates disclosed yesterday 44 year old Jigme Drukpa who went up against PM Jigmi Y. Thinley is one of them, once again up for the 2013 race from Nanong-Shumar constituency against his titanic rival.

Jigme Drukpa for Nanong-Shumar, Pemagatshel

He has an MPhil from University of Bergen, Norway, Bachelors degree in Arts from Sherubtse College and was the vice principal of the Royal Academy of Performing Arts (RAPA) for 10 years. He also worked with Bhutan Times as a consultant and with Royal Education Council (REC) as a music consultant.

He is actively involved promoting the musical heritage of the country and in 2010 he started the Aa-yang Music School which boasts of having the biggest documentation on Bhutanese music.

“I participated in the 2008 as a PDP candidate with a conviction to serve my people in my constituency in particular and the country at large,” Jigme Drukpa said. He said that though PDP lost in 2008 his conviction remains the same. “I am still convinced that I can deliver and I believe I can offer my people a genuine alternative,”

Rinzin Dorje for Shompangkha, Sarpang

Dasho Rinzin Dorji has a Masters in public policy with specialization in decentralization and democratization from the Institute of Social Studies, Hague, in the Netherlands. He did his BA from Sherubtse College.

In his career span he served as an Assistant Planning Officer in Mongar in 1989 and served as Planning Officer in Samtse, Zhemgang, in the home ministry and in the Planning Commission and as the district administrative officer in Trashigang. He also served as the Dungtsab in Panbang and Zhemgang, in 1993.

He was the Chief Planning Officer at the GNH Commission before he was posted as the Samtse Dzongda. He resigned to join PDP after serving as the Haa Dzongda.

Rinzin Dorje said. “My only regret has been not able to directly serve my people in my hometown of Sarpang.”

Pema Drukpa for Khamed-Lunana Constituency, Gasa

The 31 year old Pema has a B.sc Bio-Chemistry from St. Joseph’s College in Darjeeling worked as a Chemist at the Army Welfare Project in Gelephu for a year and worked as a metallurgist at Eastern Bhutan Ferro Silicon Pvt Ltd in Samdrup Jongkhar. He later served as a section head at Dungsam Cement Corporation Ltd for

about a year before he resigns to join politics.“For a very long time, Gasa was the only district not connected by motor roads and life was difficult. Not having roads deprived people of many simple pleasures in life,” Pema Drukpa said.

Rinzin Dorji for Phuentsholing, Chhukha

Forty year old Rinzin Dorji was the first university graduate gup in the country and during his tenure as a gup he was always in touch with the people in the village. He worked in the construction sector.

“I had the opportunity to understand the problems of my

people,” he said adding that he saw the subtleties of the people’s hopes and aspirations and understood their problems.

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  1. Candidates look good. They will further boost PDPs already growing image. 3 dzongdags in a row can make difference in the party and the Nation as a whole. Best wishes to all the candidates. 

  2. best wishes to all PDP candidates…may you win

  3. PDP is strong…and they should be stronger if they want to go to general round. all the best

  4. Three dzongdas? What credibility do they have? Mr. Mingbu Drukpa had to leave his post of Dagana Dzongda and asked to serve as BBS MD. Mr. Tashi Norbu had to leave his post as Ha Dzongda to serve as RSTA director. Mr. Rinzin Dorji already had his own share of problems at Samtse before posting to Ha. So, is there anything to appreciate in their administrative roles?

  5. I dont see three dzongdas in a row as a reason to appreciate, but I’m also aware that if not great they at least have the basic capability that are expected in a leader, unlike some of the members we have had in our previous govt.

  6. I don’t know if it’s a rumour or real on talks of rejoining Ex-minister Sangay Nidup back in politics, If it’s true, I m afraid that might again change people’s mentality affecting PDP’s possibility of winning. Otherwise we are here for you this time. Good luck.

  7. Jigme Drukpa I cant forget your dialet to PM in the year 2008, Namto ma wa me ngom thur,Sa chok o gai shek pa ya, but u hav got dreadly reply from Pm which kept u shut for few minutes. Jigme Drukpa is one of the most egoistic Candidate in PDP even if he win he will have problem with other members.

  8. How can PDP win when the party is divided by DNT? The party workers and supporters of PDP are now partly taken by DNT. People cannot trust a party which has no faith from its own candidates.

  9. PDP will be history after the forthcoming elections and that will be good for democracy in Bhutan. PDPs politics was to divide the country by playing dirty politics and in that they succeeded to a certain level, at the cost of the nation, if a new party formed the opposition, it would be the end of hate politics in Bhutan. PDP also have a lot of rich people in their ranks who the hate the guts of HPM and they were the ones that goaded OL into taking the lead. They also employed this paper to attack and discredit the PM and his party  which is clear for every one to see. But if PDP does for the opposition again and they continue with their hate politics, we are in for some rough times ahead.

    • Good
      How come you insinuate that there is place for only opposition in this election. What makes you cocksure of DPTs win..mmm????

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