PDP candidate in Samdrup Jongkhar wraps up common forum

Candidates of People’s Democratic Party in Samdrup Jongkhar yesterday concluded their common forum for the general round of election held last in Bangtar. The candidates covered five gewogs under Samdrup Jongkhar and discussed about the specific needs in different gewogs.

More than 300 voters gathered in Karmaling High School to pay attention about the PDP’s pledges and the candidates shared the party’s inimitable ideology “Wangtse Chhirpel” which the candidates say is all about empowering people for liberty, equity and prosperity by devolving power and authority.

Mingbo Drukpa in his explanation of the party’s manifesto pledged to firstly ensure local governments in gewogs , Thromdes, Yenlag Thromdes and dzongkhags , if they come into power will enjoy more administrative powers than ever before.

In promising maximum autonomy to take decisions, PDP pledged to handover more powers to prioritize, and even changes based on their own need, the developmental activities, and recruit people and take all other administrative decisions.

The PDP’s candidate of Dewathang- Gomdar Constituency Mingbo Drukpa also addressed balanced regional development and PDP’s promises to institute an Eastern Bhutan Development Committee to initiate developments in the eastern parts of the country.

Further the candidate pledged to open three new colleges in the East and upgrade rural schools that call for upgrading; this he says is pertaining to the rural focus. Further the candidate pledged to solve major challenges faced by the rural communities like poor road infrastructure and bridge, water supply, transport and communication, agriculture, health and schools.

In the party’s national pledges, Mingbo Drukpa addressed youth and employment related pledges, women, civil servant, private sector, economy, welfare and social security.

The party representative also pledged two ambulances in every hospital in addition to two helicopter ambulances to airlift emergency patients to better hospitals.




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  1. Home away from home

    Despite giving so many pledges only to garner votes will repeat the same of 2008. The candidate is still stranger for most of the gewogs in the constituency and still people prefer Ugyen Dorji the young and farsighted person comparing to Mr. Mingbo who by now might have forgotten the functionality of offices after his ever defeat in 2008. His management record as an administrator will be known if someone interested can ask BBS and district he served before. May this will be his last attempt or give third attempt in 2018. For now say straightaway “NO” because people want their MP from a party who has leader having enough experience, have been shouldered higher responsibility not only after 2008 but even before, who is senior and having better leadership quality, whose service should be well recognised by our kings and people of Bhutan, having served as Secretary and Ministerial portfolio. All the best but sorry this time.

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