PDP candidate says North Thimphu needs a reliable local voice

Tenzing Lamsang/ Thimphu

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP)’s candidate for the vacant North Thimphu constituency is 33 year old former 2013 National Council candidate Tshering. Prior to that he worked for three years with BBS and currently before his selection he was managing his sister’s construction company.

In what is a smart political calculation Tshering, though losing the 2013 NC race of Thimphu won the majority of the votes from North Thimphu.

The announcement of the candidate selected by the Executive Committee of the party was made by the Prime Minister, Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay who will also be overseeing the election committee for the constituency.

The PM said that a lot of research and thought has been put into selecting the final candidate as many interested people had applied for the post and PDP wanted to go with a candidate who can serve the people well and is good.

He said a new candidate had to be selected as the earlier 2013 PDP candidate Sangay Tsoki was not keeping in good health.

Lyonchhen said that in 2008, the people of North Thimphu elected a DPT ministerial candidate, but due to health problems their MP could hardly meet and serve them for almost five years. He said that again in 2013, they elected a new DPT candidate to represent them but half way through his term, the MP resigned from the National Assembly to undergo studies abroad, putting his personal interest ahead of the interest of the people of his constituency.

Lyonchhen said that the North Thimphu election is important as in a democracy it is not healthy when politicians start resigning only because they are not in the government, and so this kind of thinking must not be allowed to take root.

The PM said that in the process people of the constituency lose out and he asked, “Who is more important than the people?”

The PM said that the people of North Thimphu after trying two DPT candidates should give an opportunity to the PDP to serve them as the PDP MP would work hard for his constituency.

On his part the PDP candidate Tshering revealed that even though he lost the NC elections in 2013 it was encouraging that the people of North Thimphu had mainly voted for him.

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