PDP candidates and members meet before setting out on their campaign missions


Around 700 members and candidates of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) from all dzongkhags attended its annual party convention held in the YDF Hall, Thimphu on 9th May, before leaving for their respective demkhongs (constituencies) to campaign.

Many issues and concerns were raised during the convention.  “We are people’s party, we are not rich,” said PDP president Tshering Tobgay in his speech to the members.

He urged the members and candidates to work in accord with the Constitution, and to work hard with sincerity and respect to gain the people’s trust.

He also pledged to improve and develop the infrastructure such as farm roads, the education system, the unemployment problem, oil pumps in some of the gewogs, to assist people especially the villagers, and to encourage private sector growth, among others.

PDP is looking at strengthening local government as its top priority, and also to support the quota for women in National Council (NC) and National Assembly (NA), so as to encourage women’s participation in policy making and decisions.

If elected, the party president said there will be jobs assured for the school dropouts and other youth as well. The party also plans on giving discounted bus fare rates for students travelling on government buses.

“Shedra students and retired armed force personnel will be given more importance,” added Tshering Tobgay.

The PDP media spokesperson and candidate from Gasa, Damcho Dorji said media fairness and balance is also a priority. “People should see how government is running even after the election is over,” Damcho Dorji said.

“If elected, the party will serve the country with full dedication and with zero corruption.” He added.

PDP candidate Namgay Dorji said, “Our party is ready to take on the challenge if you, the people are ready to give us more support, and a chance to serve the country.”

“Horse can carry load, and so can we,” he added.

PDP explained the party manifesto and vision with its members, and revealed 12 candidates during the annual party convention. The annual party convention also gave all candidates and dzongkhag coordinators a chance to meet and discuss party matters.

Sangay Choda, Tshering Dorji & Thukten Zangpo /Thimphu

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  1. Young Patriot

    Three people together writing  one news; and that also promoting PDP

  2. Haha, this paper always accuses the Attorney General of foul play but is very silent when the ECB Chairman seems to be doing the same thing. What kind of a paper is this and yet they seem to think they are very ethical in their reporting.

  3. Although Lynpo sangay is not joining PDP outright. but he is still the backbone of the party. I wish him and PDP all the best. Dasho Sonam Topgay (Lynpos younger bro) was also seen attending the party convention. He should join and make a comeback. This time chances of winning are pretty good.

  4. Haha, jobs for school dropouts and other youth also, I wonder how they will go about doing that. Can you imagine, no unemployed youth.

  5. Good going PDP. I guess its leaders like you who can lead us to the big change. With due respects to our wise and beloved PM who has served us till now, I personally feel its now time for the younger generation and newer ideas.

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