PDP cranes DPT’s neck in Paro


One of the constituencies in Paro is taken over by a former minister of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) and other by a local actress who won one for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The Doga-Shaba constituency was dominated by the PDP represented by Bhutanese actress Kezang Wangmo who secured the highest votes with 2,654 votes (2,419 cast through the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and 235 from the postal ballots).

The DPT secured second place with its 1,632 votes which is the total of 1,480 from the EVM and 152 from postal ballots. The Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) got 686 votes from 592 EVM votes and 94 from the postal ballots. DCT received 154 votes of which 146 were from the EVM and 8 through the postal ballot.

In an interview with the PDP candidate of Doga-Shaba constituency, an excited Kezang Wangmo said, “I feel the energy that I should work harder. I believed in myself and believed in the people.”

She considers the general round as very important and asked the people to not go for the candidates possessing money or great oratory skills but opt for the potential candidates.

Chencho Dorji represented the DPT from Doga-Shaba constituency and he could not be contacted on call.

In the Lamgong-Wangchang constituency, the former economic affairs minister Khandu Wangchuk of DPT took the lead in the constituency by securing 3,158 votes of which 2,892 were from the EVM and 266 through postal ballots. The PDP secured 2,022 votes of which 1,779 from EVM and 243 through postal ballot.

The DNT secured 476 votes of which 397 were EVM votes and 79 were through postal ballot. DCT got 279 votes of which 259 were through the EVM and 20 through postal ballots.

PDP’s candidates from Lamgong-Wangchang, Ugyen Tshering said”Though it was a tough fight, it is such an honor to go through the primary round.”

“From the beginning onwards the voice towards our party was positive and people have filtered them now,” he said expressing his happiness.

He looks forward to the general elections and says he cannot just relax from here on.

Now that citizens have chosen the two political parties, he will keep eyes and ears open on the pledges made and follow them very closely.

There are 16, 393 registered voters in Paro Dzongkhag of which 7,606 are from Doga-Shaba constituency and 8,787 from the Lamgong-Wangchang constituency.

The voter turnout stands at 67.5%.


Thukten Zangpo


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One comment

  1. Significance and weakness of cranes/birds & horses:
    DPT supporters in the urban & villages say cranes is best. I fully agree & let me say –

    a.the beak of the crane can separate water and milk & consume only milk. This is described in the dictionary of Sarat Chandra Das, the best dictionary in the buddhist world.

    b.the crane was used to carry messages Prince Drime Kundan & wife Medrezam to carry messages to their children who were given to beggars as a servant.

    c.birds in general are considered as a messenger of peace.

    d.birds are most intelligent & therefore and stays top among the Thunpa Punshi.

    e.it brings revenue through tourism like Phobjikha & Yangtsi.

    f.the eggs of the poultry is used by us for consumption like our hens. Hen’s eggs is one of the 3 best foods (egg, dogs milk & mothers milk) as it’s consumed 100% by our body.

    f.she is decent, simple & ignorant & beatiful.

    Weakness of cranes & birds in general:
    1.the cranes and the birds brought so many diseases like H5N1 & H1N1 & this time H7N1. In Bhutan so many cocks and hens had to be killed because the birds transmitted these diseases so that it is not transmitted to humans. Once humans get, >90% people will die which is a disaster. In neighbouring countries like India & China so many people are dying becasue cranes & other birds have spread diseases.
    Otherwise birds are gentle & peaceful.

    Regarding kurta:
    1. Nagden zangpo (Sanskrit=kanthaka bhadra) is a Chipta of Lord Buddha. Becauase of this the Lord was able to escape from the Palace & reach Namdhagdrung stupa.

    2.Tachog Balahaka is the Chipta of Lord Indra (sans=Lhayi wangpo jajin).

    3.Ta Changshe is the Chipta of Ling Geser Gyalpo of Ling in China. He used it while going to war with Tazig (present day Iran) and Hor (present day Tajikistan).

    4.Alexander the Great, the mightiest Greek general used his horse called Bucayphalus to conquer other countries including western India to fight with King Porus.

    5.horse is used as riding pony and transport goods.
    So both crane and horse are useful to us in manay ways.

    I did not find any weakness with Kurta so far.  

    Therefore we should vote for KURTA this time as Bird was already given chance in 2008 & their 10th plan achievement is 75% only. It should have achieved atleast >90-95%. Statistically also 5% is always accepted. 

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