PDP dominates SJ due to trust and track record

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) saw success in both the constituencies; Dewathang_Gomdar and Jomotshangkha_Martshala in Samdrup Jongkhar. The election process engaged a total of 29,222 registered voters from Samdrup Jongkhar.

In Dewathang_Gomdar, PDP secured a substantial win with 1,875 EVM votes and 1,844 PB, accumulating a grand total of 3,719 votes. BTP took the second place with 2,695 votes. Meanwhile, DPT held its ground with 2,654 votes. The voter turnout was 48.2 percent.

Kelzang Phuntsho, the front-running candidate in Dewathang_Gomdar, attributed his lead to key factors in the primary round. Emphasizing the key role of the party president’s capabilities, he highlighted this as a decisive factor in his favor. Additionally, Kelzang Phuntsho highlighted the significance of the party’s experience and achievements, drawing on the robust track record of PDP to instill trust among voters. He said, “People felt that the current situation of the country can be addressed by PDP based on the economic stimulus plan.”

Meanwhile, Jomotshangkha_Martshala witnessed a closely contested race. PDP emerged victorious with a robust count of 3,112 votes (1,288 EVM votes and 1,824 PB). DPT secured the second position with 1,675 votes, closely pursued by BTP with 1,555 votes. The constituency with 12,615 registered voters, exhibited a turnout of 44.3 percent.

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