PDP emerges victorious in Tsirang due to the economy

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has secured a landslide win in Tsirang, garnering a total of 8,340 votes. The party’s triumph was evident in both the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and postal ballot votes (PB), with 5,876 and 2,464 votes respectively.

Lhakpa Tshering Tamang, the candidate representing Sergithang, Tsirang Toed, emerged victorious with 4,206 votes (2,914 EVM and 1,292 PB). The total registered vote count stood at 13,157, with a notable turnout of 7,759 voters, accounting for 58.97 percent of the electorate. Among the voters, 4,217 were male and 3,542 were female.

Expressing his gratitude, the candidate attributed the PDP’s success to the public’s recognition of the party’s ability to navigate the country’s economic challenges. He also emphasized that the influential leadership of the party’s president played a pivotal role in securing the people’s trust.

He shared that having previously governed the nation, PDP has established a strong foundation of credibility.

Further, he mentioned that this victory marks the candidate’s first foray into politics, and he expressed his elation at the outcome. He remains optimistic about the upcoming general round, believing that continued support from the people will lead to further success for PDP.

Kilkhorthang, Mendrelgang candidate Kamal Bahadur Gurung secured 4,134 votes (2,962 EVM and 1,172 PB), emerging as the winner.

Despite a total registered voter count of 13,880, only 8,264 individuals exercised their right to vote, representing a turnout of 59.54 percent. Among the voters, 4,342 were male and 3,922 were female.

In both constituencies, the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) secured the second place with 1,023 and 1,772 votes respectively.

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