PDP files complaint against DPT

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has filed a complaint with the ECB on Wednesday against Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) on baseless allegations, indented misinformation, and blatant lies by DPT President in several places during his recent campaign speeches in the general round of elections.

PDP’s spokesperson Damcho Dorji said just to seek votes, the DPT President is confusing the citizens of the country and misleading them. He added, if it goes unchecked, it could undermine democratic principles, and set bad precedent for the future.

Justifying the seven former candidates of Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) who joined PDP, he said they have met all the requirements as per the Electoral Laws of the nation, without which the ECB would not have endorsed them to join PDP.

In the letter, PDP stated that the DPT President has been blatantly and repeatedly articulating, in all his recent campaign speeches, that the DPT is contesting against two parties, DNT and PDP, and seemingly spreading the message that it is unconstitutional. It also includes the allegation of coalition of two parties, PDP and DNT.

As per the letter, DPT President has mentioned this in all his campaign speeches in Thimphu, Paro, Haa, and Wangdue so far.

The PDP spokesperson said such blatant accusations are a direct challenge to the formal endorsement of the ECB, for having allowed the seven candidates to join PDP. He added, DPT is not challenging the ECB’s mandate of overseeing Electoral Laws, but is blatantly lying to the people and attempting to misinform the public to win votes, unethically, by manipulating public opinion with lies.

In the letter, the PDP spokesperson says that the conduct of DPT President is in direct contradiction to ECB’s approval and clearance of the former DNT candidates who joined the PDP.

He mentioned the DPT President is religiously dedicating himself to smear and criticize the PDP pledges rather than talking about the pledges of his own party. DPT President is giving a new definition to political campaigning by resorting to a level, not befitting a former Prime Minister.

PDP filed another complaint on June 20 to ECB with regards to DPT accusing PDP of paying money to some print media and others to operate in social media to criticize DPT government.

The PDP letter quoted the DPT President, during his Tsirang campaign, saying, “People’s Democratic Party is compromising the stability of the nation and is undermining everything which has been achieved so far.”

Sangay Choda

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  1. If that is the case, then I think we have to review our support. I thought exPM is jangchub sempa but it seems otherwise. 

  2. Palden Drukpa

    JYT is just shit…I know him very well….He will act as if he has nothing and at very low level person in front of Innocent people to gain vote(Jangchub sempa). Once he is on the post, he can be one of the MOST dangerous person in the country. I am just praying this man to go to hell soon, so we Bhutanese will be at least  free of goondas. JYT IS VERY GOOD AT ACTING JANGCHUB SEMPA…People should note that. 

  3. For kind information to all eastern and southern citizen of Bhutan. 
    Eastern and southern Bhutanese want only sweet words not the development activities. But western Bhutanese want development activities not the sweet words from JYT. Well JYT, KW, YZ and so on are minister almost 20 years. They focuse only Thimphu, Paro, Wangdi n punakha. For example. We can see uncountable resort at Paro, Thimphu n punakha. We see in the east only resort of Lyenpo minjur. Eastern n southern people they don’t  have drinking water but they are happy with sweet words of JYT for five years. 

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