PDP president thanks the people after the election

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ensures that its first and foremost priority is to strengthen the relationship with India. The PDP president Tshering Tobgay said, “Relation between two closest countries is not compromised in any manner.”

“The tied friendships between two great nations are unshakable,” said PDP president. In addition, he added the letter from the Indian Prime Minister has clearly mentioned that India’s support to Bhutan will be continuous.

He also assured that the Prime Minister and the ministers will be available to meet any person, without appointment, every Saturday for hundred days.

The PDP president urged all the media personnel to come up with good suggestion on improving the press format, including PDP’s promise on engaging in more activities on the social media.

He opened his statement by thanking His Majesty the King for his guidance, benevolence, and steadfast support in the democratic process. The president also thanked the monk body, armed forces, and every citizen for supporting and electing PDP as the ruling party in 2013.

He said, “We have all the reason to be optimistic” during press meeting.

He said he is will visit India as soon, as India is our closest friend and it is only natural for any elected officials to visit India as soon as possible.

Asked about PDP’s win, the president said, “It is the democratic choice of the people and they have exercised their choice.”

“We worked hard and were optimistic, but cautious, and happy with the outcome.”

He said the party tried to contact each and every voter through email, sms, and by meeting personally during the campaigning period. He added that the hard work might be the reason for winning and securing maximum postal ballots.

PDP secured 32 seats in the lower house. The president added that the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) as the Opposition party will bring many “wisdom and experience in second Parliament.”

He said, “DPT can guide the ruling party very effectively as they having decades of experience in government and law making.”

When asked about DPT president statement, “Bhutan does not need an Opposition Leader.” Tshering Tobgay said, “Opposition is important.”

He said DPT president’s commitment on working constructively as an Opposition will help in sharing wisdom and experience with ruling party.

On regards to electoral process, he said, “ECB has successfully overseen a free and fair election.” He felt the election this year have upheld the spirit of the Constitution and the Electoral Laws.

“Not being happy does not mean that election is not free and fair,” he added.

PDP president said that democracy is all about people’s representative making available to their people. He said it will be difficult to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the people if representative fails to meet them.

During the press conference, he thanked DPT, DNT and DCT for offering the much needed choice to the people, and for their immense roles towards creating a vibrant democracy.

He said 66% voter turnout for general round is an impressive figure, which indicates that the voters take the electoral process seriously.

PDP president said PDP will serve the country and help realize the noble vision of His Majesty the King, and to work hard to achieve the hopes and the aspiration of the people.

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