Former Prime Minister Dasho Tshering Tobgay

PDP President urges rethink and consultation on doing away with FYPs

The PDP President Dasho Tshering Tobgay said the outcomes of the first 11 FYPs were successfully delivered, and it has benefitted the people and the country.

He pointed out construction of roads and bridges, building schools and hospitals, safe drinking water, irrigation water, and other developmental activities in the agricultural sector and also contributed significantly to preserving and promoting culture and conserving a pristine environment.

He said aligned with GNH, the FYPs have advanced the country’s economy. 

He said FYPs provide a clear picture of how and when developmental plans are to be executed, estimates the budget required, sets out a framework for the government’s action on it and developmental plans and programs are indispensable in acquiring international aid from donor countries and agencies.

He asked if there is a better system to serve the purpose, and said it has not even been deliberated once by the government.

Dasho requested the current government to carry on with the current FYP and complete the developmental activities in the remaining two years. Secondly, he said it is neither late nor early to plan for the upcoming 13th FYP and accordingly identify the resources.

Dashi said he has strong faith that the current government will reconsider the discontinuation of the FYPs.

However, if government has made up their mind to discontinue he requested the government to deliberate on this issue with the experts in civil service and local government and, if necessary, involve the Political Parties to meet and discuss the issue.

He said one mistake at this point will bring irreparable damage to the country.  

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