PDP promises 100% youth employment at its convention


PDP Youth convention
PDP Youth convention

Speaking to hundreds of youth gathered at the Ninda Cinema Hall at Olakha in the capital on Thursday, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President promised to provide 100% youth employment, if the party wins the elections this year.

“Unemployment demoralizes and disheartens the youth and the numbers are not alarming in Bhutan,” said PDP President Tshering Tobgay.

He said this is one of the pledges in the PDP manifestos and the job opportunities will be created through the schemes of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), National Service Program, self-employment and enhancing employment opportunities for Bhutanese workers in foreign countries.

He promised to introduce a Student Loan Scheme for students willing to pursue further studies with no interest and payable in 20 years’ timeframe. PDP aims to multiply the sports and recreational centres, and to hold informal meeting with the youths to discuss on the youth issues once in a week.

PDP candidate from the South Thimthrom Tandin Wangmo said that youth should not be reluctant to participate in the democratic process, and asked them to come forward for the country to show their patriotism and participate in the process of democracy.

In his address to the youth Tshering Tobgay talked about the 2008 elections, which was historical as it was the first democratic elections, and gave equal attribution to the 2013 elections as it is just as important and critical for the people to participate in.

Addressing the young gathering he said he would like to see change this time, a change in the attitude of the Government.

“Government must be humble, compassionate, approachable, considerate that looks forward only for the benefits of the people, and Prime Minister must serve as servant to the people not through words but through action,” he added.

He asked the citizens of the country to choose the right party from the two political parties in the general round of elections and to choose the party that will be benefit the people and go for change, which PDP stands for.


Thukten Zangpo 

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  1. Wow! Isn’t the PDP President taking it a little too far? It sounds like there are jobs locked away in some secret coffer to be distributed, the key to which will be PDP coming to power. Even so, they will need a magic wand to match the skill requirements and what’s on offer as well as the willingness to take up jobs available. Unemployment isn’t necessarily because of unavailability of jobs. Some of the ideas are great but I hope they will not say, we can’t do it because the previous government left us in a financial mess if they do get to form the new govt.

  2. dorje guyfawkes

    It’s an extremely far fetch idea and impossible to solve, 100% Employment!!! Instead of making statements that can’t be implemented. Why not solve the problem of the education system, there are clearly too many students that dropout in 10th grade. Start internship programs for High school students, it will give them something to do, instead of drugs, or selling their bodies. Instead of bringing in young foreign and expat workers, who are just coming to see Shangri-La be traditional put a gho or kira, hire a Bhutanese. Bhutan has more then ever of these young foreign workers, that just come for short periods just for the experience, in essence they are just long term tourist. Already there the Bhutanese youth is being neglected and a foreigner takes their potential job. Also, Bhutanese should lose their ego; do the work that the Indians do. Indians anyway don’t help the economy, all the money they earn, they send back to their families in India.

  3. TT please do not promise moons to the youths, they will get themselves burnt. All bogus and impossible tasks. Please tell people something achievable. If you lie to people they will betray u!

  4. Let us give TT a chance to govern. Who knows he can do? Present Govt was given 5 years chance though they said same thing in their manifestos. But they didn’t implement. When they implemented only children of high level got good jobs. Students of poor people do not get good job despite its qualication. That is why many educted graduates lying without job. They feel ashamed in front of parents who spent so much.
    So i think TT is speaking truth. He must have already calculated. He can cheat 1, 2 or 3 but he cannot cheat all Bhutan.
    So let us beleive him and support him & give him chance to rule. Who knoews he might achieve the unachieveable.  If you think TT is telling lies then DPT is also telling lies.
    For example our civil servants and public were telling that PDP is ambitious like 2 helicopters, 1 bolero in each gewog & Nu20ml per gewog etc. Do you think this is ambitious. I finally found it is implementable. On the other hand DPT’s cannot be acheievable as it is over ambitious. For example today in Dagana chinom zomdu, Heman Gurung said PDP’s Nu20ml is nothing. It is like a chocolate distributed to children. He said DPT has earmarked Nu100ml to each Gewog. This is 5 times more than PDP’s. Therefore, DPT’s is overambitious and PDP’s is simple and can be implemented without problem. Here public and civil servants should voice against DPT as they have voiced against PDP few weeks back. Otherwise it will be double-standard.
    TT can purchase 2 helicopters easily. Previous Govt spent 9.1ml $ for hiring helicopetrs within the last 5 years. If you buy helicopter it costs 1.8ml $ only. For 2nos it will be 3.6ml $. The rest 5.6ml $ can be used for 2 pilots, assistants salary, bonuses, allowances and some keep for maintanance. It is so simple as that. If we had helicopter, we could have saved 7 children being swept away in Chukha. So 2 helicopters will be useful for national emergencies.
    So what TT says so far is based on present Govt expenditure. He is not talking out of the blue. So do not balme DPT but think if DPT can really give 100ml $ per gewog as said today by Heman Gurung in Dagana zomdu. I am sure that is a biggest lie to defaet PDP. So let me request PDP to tell only the truth.

    I am also very sad that Samtsi’s Leelapradhan pefromed very poor though she has 5years experience. Similarly Rebeca Gurung of Samtsi performed very badly yesterday. During Q&A session she ran away saying she is sick.
    Therefore I request our civil servants and public to vote who is really capable to sell your ideas and experiences during Chinom zomdu. Because this is the time one has to show ones capability of your qualification and skills and knowledge.  But alas our public will not judge on this. They will vote only the relatives and again seeing PM’s face. This time, I think, we should observe both faces that of lonchen and opposition -not only 1sided la.


  5. lion you are a PDP mouth piece. I agree with the writers before you that 100% youth employment is impossible. So do not promise what you can not fulfill. This will haunt later. Now your bias is clear when you single out Leela and Rebeca. Leela spoke quite well and the message was clear if you listened. Just because of your bias you could not hear. Similarly Rebeca spoke slowly and clearly and the message was also very clear and to the point. Your bias closed your ears. MK was also same as leela and Dunghel even dis not understand the question asked. I heard the Q as why did you opt from Samtse after 2008 in Dorokha not is it constitutional or legal as his answer implied. People from south do have language problems and is evident in all debates. Do not judge candidates by language efficiency only. Otherwise you may get all Dzongkha teachers as candidates. Judge people by their sincerity, honesty, ability in everything including language, etc. By the way did you ever check what emergency Rebeca had before you used words as ran away? Did you even think under what condition she attended the debate in the first place? Debate was compulsory by ECB mandate but BBS Q & A is not compulsory. Leela has shown excellent improvement from the primary debate. She has worked really at her language. She deserves all the best, Enough of PDP mongering after cheating the people of country with 3 parties to start with and using legal loop hole to combine again. I think PDP should not be obsessed with forming government but should campaign as offering an alternate choice, which will be much better strategy.

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