PDP responds to DPT statement on common forum and other accusations

The South Thimphu People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidates have lashed out at Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) statement made earlier about common forums during the recently conducted PDP press conference.

The DPT had stated that common forums are not required.

“We are talking about the people when we are talking about the common forum,” South Thimphu PDP candidate designate Tandin Wangmo said.

“Common forum is neither for candidates nor parties, it’s for the people to understand all parties’ manifestos and make a right choice.” She also added that common forum is the place where candidates of four parties can come together, and where people can raise any issues or pertinent questions on parties, candidates, etc.

The DPT had also accused PDP for politicizing the armed forces and the monk body, although they are apolitical entities.

“We didn’t say that monastic body should be given chance to vote,” said PDP candidates.

Tandin Wangmo said that armed force and monk body are citizens of our country, and they should be given equal opportunity as others. She added that PDP was not against the Constitution.

“We want all our citizens to be given equal rights and opportunities, we respect our Constitution,” she said.

Tandin Wangmo added that the soldiers in the armed forces are also the country’s hardworking citizens, who work twenty four hours, and should be given equal rights as is given to civil servants.

In addition, she said, equity and justice should be given to our monk body and supported as they usually come from a poor background.

“It’s very sad to know that our senior ministers or citizens are talking about politicizing the armed forces and monk body at this time,” said the south Thimphu PDP candidate.

Helping armed forces and monastic bodies, as related during the conference by PDP doesn’t mean that it was against Constitution.

“If it is not at par then our pledge is that we look into the pension benefits of the armed force members, review it, and submit it to His Majesty,” she added.

Talking on the topic of pledges made by the PDP about buying two helicopters, she said, we pledged to buy them, and can buy two in five years.

She justified that the previous government (DPT) spent US$ 9.1mn in hiring McKinsey, and if that money was saved, the country could have bought more than five helicopters.

The DPT government hired  the helicopter from a private company in Nepal paying US$ 2500 per hour.

“We can buy two helicopters over the years, and can afford it,” Tandin Wangmo said.

DPT had only talked about the achievement they had brought during the tenure of five years, but never been transparent to the people, she added.

She said if PDP gets the power to rule the government, “Our first step will be to re-open the case of Bhutan Lottery, and reason why the report of Royal Audit Authority was not made open. 2013 election will tell whether young leaders will lead the country or whether the country sticks to old traditional school of leaders,” said Tandin Wangmo.

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  1. Good Tandin Wangmo!
    Good PDP!!

    Please also talk about the plight of people without census and CID Cards.
    Please also talk about Youth Development Fund Lottery Scam. This lottery was the latest one in the market. We purchased a lot of them, but the draw was never held, what happened to it?
    Pl. also talk about Prados scam.

  2. Haha! I am glad to hear this. I am so extremely happy to read this.

  3. DPT, govt in fact supports the case where the local leader has illegally registered the census of Indian national child as the child of women of Bhutanese citizen.
    No action was taken because the local leader was the DPT coordinator in 2008. The case has reached to Supreme Court and from there it was forwarded to Ministry of Home and cultural afire, signed by chief Justice Sonam Tobgay and two other Judges.
    The letter clearly instructs the concern Ministry to take intimidate action. But instead it was buried, by the former Home sectary Pelden Wangchuk since there was Political influence.
    So still to this days the concern parties who compiled the case did not get justice, As Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. So the justice was only removing the name from the census and no legal was taken.
    So Bhutanese should dig out that story, so public can understand whether DPT has carried out equity and Justice, like wise there are many other similar untold stories.

  4. As far as i know, PDP does make promise in common forums that they will hike salary of arm force. PDP cannot deny this fact. Why there is a need to discuss about monk body if PDP is not politicizing religion. All citizens have equal opportunity as far as i know. I am sorry to say that going by your manifesto and aggressive nature of campaign, PDP would never earn the heart of the people. I can’t imagine if PDP somehow through their dirty propaganda manages to garner votes and lead the government. It will be no surprising to see the country in topsy-turvy within a short period of time if PDP is to lead the government. 

  5. DPT, stripping naked in public, through this common forum. So, they don’t like even constructive criticism. They want to discontinue anything, at any cost if things are against them, just like lottery operation-biggest scam in this country.

  6. Tandin great! Well done you are daughter of this country I salute you!

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