PDP reveals 25 of its hopefuls for 2013


IMG_20130301_091046PDP  introduced 25 of their candidates for 2013  and also confirmed that it has 40 candidates so far. The majority of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidates are the former candidates of the party.

Just like the 2008 candidates the candidates for the upcoming election are mostly qualified, experienced and matured. The candidates belong to all kind of sectors such as civil service, corporate sector and the private sector.

The entry of these well qualified candidates with strong professional backgrounds could pose a strong challenge for any party in the 2013 fray.

Opposition leader Tshering Tobgay said that their candidates are mostly from Private and Government sectors. He said that the private sectors are facing some major issues in this present scenario and the selection of candidates will help in developing the private sector.

“These former candidates who will recontest in upcoming election where mostly engaged with their own private firms, consultancy firms and other self owned firms,” he said.

The OL said their five years of experience had given them enough knowledge about the major issues that the private sector faces.

Even though there was a landslide victory for DPT during the 2008 election, Gasa MP Damchoe Dorji said “PDP had supporters from 33%of its population. Thus, PDP could place themselves as the opposition party for the last five years.”

He even emphasized that the Opposition Party faced a huge financial debt after the 2008 elections. He said the Party’s financial loss had hampered the managing of dzongkhag offices and they ahd also lacked human resources.

He said that with the support from the Tshogpa, party candidates and the Nation, PDP is once again participating in 2013 election.  He added “PDP now has become stronger than before.”

Namgay Dorji

A Banker and a Lawyer,  Namgay Dorji, who did his BCom and LLB, will once again contest from Drakteng-Langthel Constituency, Trongsa with a belief that the best way to serve the nation is by serving the People.



Karma Lhuendup

Karma Lhuendup, who graduated with BSc and has M.A, will be contesting from Dramitse-Ngatshang constituency under Mongar Dzongkhag. He believes that he can make a difference by joining politics.



Kuenga with his B.A will contest from Nyisho- Sephu constituency under Wangduephodrang. He was a party member in 2008 and is a businessman by profession.


Sonam D Dorjee

From Khamdang-Ramjar Constituency under Trashiyangtse Dzongkhag, Sonam D Dorjee who is a Financial Analyst and tour operator will contest as a PDP candidate.

He has BSc in finance and New Ventures Management, Boston and M.A from USA. He believes, “A person must have greater purpose in life than self so one way is through public service and PDP with its policy and vision fits into my aspirations.”


Sonam Penjor

Sonam Penjor a BSc graduate will be contesting from Thrimshing-Kangpara Constituency, Trashigang. He said, “His Majesty has repeatedly reminded us of our responsibility to take part in the democratic process. I believe I can do my share by joining politics. I also believe that young leaders can play a critical role in the nation-building process.”


Kuenzang Thinley

With a belief that the Nation is in need of Young leaders and an urge to serve the nation in a meaningful way Kuenzang Thinley a BBM graduate will be contesting from Chhoekor-Tang Constituency under Bumthang Dzongkhag.


Damchoe Dorji

Current Gasa Member of Parliament (MP) Damchoe Dorji will again participate in upcoming election from GoenKhatoe-Laya Constituency under Gasa Dzongkhag.  He has his B.A in Economics and did LLB and LLM. He previously served as the Attorney General.


Tshering Tobgay

Opposition Leader Tshering Tobgay will participate in 2013 election from Sombaykha Constituency under Haa Dzongkhag. He has his B.A in Mechanical Engineering from Pittsburg and Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard University.


Chhimi Dorji, ex- Trongsa Dzongpon

Prior to joining politics Chhimi Dorji (56) served as Trongsa Dzongpon and will now be contesting from Lingmukha-Toewang constituency under Punakha Dzongkhag.  He has also served as Dzongrab in the Chhoetse Dzong, in Trongsa.

He served as teacher as well as principal in the education ministry.

He said, “I have devoted most of my life in teaching school children in secondary schools and seeing the bright faces of young children everyday has always given me immense strength and hope. Now as the nation calls for I have come forward to join People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as a candidate from Lingmukha-Toewang constituency. Hence, I would like to pledge that I would humbly serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with utmost dedication and loyalty.”


D.N. Dhungyel, private entrepreneur

D.N.Dhungyel, a private entrepreneur who has got a Bachelors in Commerce (B.Com) and Masters in Business Administration from India will be re-contesting for Samtse-Pugli Constituency, Samtse.

He worked in Bhutan Ferro Alloys Limited for 8 yrs and went on to Singapore to work in an International Trading Company and worked there for five years. Coming back to Bhutan worked as a consultant in SME Project for a year and thereafter ventured in to private business. He was the first to start early learning centre in Phuentsholing in 2006 and later expanded it to Samtse and Gomtu.


Kesang Wangmo, well known Bhutanese actress

Kesang Wangmo is a well-known actress in Bhutanese Film Industry who will contest from Dagar-Shaba constituency, Paro.

With a Bachelors degree in Arts, she has served as a Board Director in Bhutan’s first radio station, Kuzoo FM. She also worked as a Goodwill Ambassador for Happy Green Cooperative, the first Bhutanese organic cooperative launched by a group of inspiring youths.

By joining politics, she hopes to encourage and motivate other capable and dedicated women to participate in the democratic process. She believes that women politicians can be more focused and determined to take the country forward with integrity and transparency. She wants also to represent the youth and ensure that the voices of the youth are heard.


Ritu Raj Chhetri, worked in judiciary will re-contest

Ritu Raj Chhetri, has been working as a practicing lawyer since 2008 and worked in the judiciary for more than seven years as well as worked with NEC for eight years. He will be contesting from Sibsoo, Samtse.

He will be re-contesting and he wishes to serve as a medium through which voices of the people is heard in the parliament.


Tek Bahadur Subha, an educationist

With a Masters in Education, Tek Bahadur Subha who has served in the education ministry for 20 years as a teacher, Principal as well as DEO will be contesting from Dorokha-Tading constituency, Samtse.

He joined PDP for two strong reasons: i) Its strong urge to propound Wangchhey Chhirpel, one of the foremost pillars of democracy; ii) Its experience and maturity with which its two MPs have expressed and communicated peoples’ feelings in the past five years.

Having spent most of his energetic and youthful life in the east, he has a very good command of Tshangla language, besides Dzongkha, English, Lhotshamkha and his mother tongue, Limbukha. He has worked in Dzongkhags like Pemagathsel, Trashigang, Zhemgang, Trashiyangtse, Lhuentse and Trongsa.


M.K. Chhetri, worked in private sector

M.K. Chhetri who has served in private sector who has got Master of Science in Defense Studies & Signal Officers Degree Engineering from Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (Mp) will be contesting from Ugentse-Yoseltse constituency from Samtse Dzongkhag.

He joined politics to serve the people better.


Yogesh Tamang,

With bachelors in Arts and Masters in Public Administration will be contesting from Kikorthang-Mendrelgang constituency, Tsirang. He has got his own consultancy firm.

“I believe that the PDP is best suited to serve the country in a way every citizen would aspire and I want to be a part of the nation building progress with PDP”, he said.


Karma Tenzin,

Karma Tenzin (34), who has got bachelors in Arts and worked in Royal Monetary Authority and T Bank Limited, will be contesting from Wamrong-Khaling constituency, Trashigang.

He chose to join PDP for three reasons, firstly because of ideology of Wangtse Chirpel both politically and economically as he feels that decentralization is a must since it increases the efficiency in service provisions and also represent most effective means of curbing excessive concentration of power by the government.

The second, to serve the country through framing and implementation of best policies that would benefit the economy as a whole rather than serving a certain section of society.

Thirdly, he believes that politics is all about choice that every citizen would like have and therefore give them an option to choose and elect leaders of their choice.


Dawa Gyaltshen,

Worked in the civil service and in  hydropower in various capacities,.

Dawa Gyaltshen(57) will be contesting from Bongo-Chapcha constituency, Chukha.

He has got a bachelors degree in Education.

He said, “I believe that PDP will be able to serve the country with sincerity and dedication.”


Ngeema Sangay Tshempo

Ngeema Sangay Tshempo (48) with Bachelors degree in Arts will be contesting from Lhamoizingkha-Tading Constituency under Dagana Dzongkhag,

He has worked in the cottage industry.

He believes politicians should be bold and selfless, undeterred by criticism and should not be craving for praise. He said, “I feel I should be in politics till democracy matures so that we can handover to out posterity.”


Sangay Dorji

With Post Graduate Diploma in development administration, Sangay Dorji who has served in private sector will be contesting from Panbang constituency, Zhemgang.

He believes in bringing social, economic and political change in the country through empowerment of the people.


Kinley Om

Kinley Om who has served in Bhutan National Bank will be contesting from Bji-Katsho-Eusu constituency, Haa. She has got a Bachelors degree in Commerce.


Arjun Tiwari

Arjun Tiwari (31) with a Bachelor in Arts will be contesting from the Drujeygang-Tsheza constituency under Dagana Dzongkhag to serve the people.


Tandin Wangchuk

Tandin Wangchuk, with bachelors in commerce from Delhi University, India, and experience in the private sector will be contesting from Athang-Thedtso constituency, Wangdue Phodrang.

He believes the country needs sound leadership and PDP is the one that can provide it.


Mingbo Drukpa

Mingbo Drukpa (60) with number of experiences in various sectors including the post of the former BBS MD, will be re-contesting from Dewathang-Gomdar constituency, Samdrup Jongkhar. He has a Masters in Education.


Sangay Tshoki

“Empower women and you empower a generation”, is what Sangay Tshoki believes in. She has got a Masters in Education and will be re-contesting from North Thimphu constituency, Thimphu.


Kaentsho Sumpai Dhendup

Kaentsho Sumpai Dhendup worked in Ministry of Economic affairs for 13 years and is currently working as  the Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan Polythene Company Limited. He will be re-contesting from Nubi-Tangsibi constituency, Trongsa.

He has got Bachelors in Science (B.Sc) and Post graduate Diploma in International Trade and Diploma in Import Operations and Techniques.




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