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People’s Democratic Party (PDP) declared seven more candidates for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections yesterday.

Lyonchhen Dasho Tshering Tobgay said that the party has worked hard to offer best candidate choices to the people, placing the importance on the experience, qualification and leadership credentials of the candidates.

Lyonchhen said PDP needs to be well equipped with a rich pool of talented candidates to fulfill the national objectives, especially since the 12th Five Year Plan has much more to offer than the previous plans.

He said that the seven candidates have served the country in the best manner and have had exemplary career record in public service, which will play vital role in the democratic process too. “We are also confident that the people and their constituents, in particular, have as much faith and confidence in them as the party does.”

Lungten Dorji

The 54-year-old is former Director General of Department of Local Governance and will contest from the Panbang constituency in Zhemgang.

In a career spanning for over 27 years in the civil service, Lungten Dorji served as the Deputy Director of Department of Immigration and Census and as the Head of the Office of Census Commissioner.

He also served as Dzongdag of Trashigang and Trongsa for 10 years before serving as the Director General of Department of Local Governance, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affair.

He stated he is joining politics to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum with dedication and to protect the principle of democracy so as to secure the future of the nation. “Every responsible citizen must have interest and take part in democracy,” he said.

He said that his profession and experience in promoting decentralization ties in with the basic principle of democracy.

He said he chose PDP because he admires the leadership of the Party President and reputation of the party in the last ten years.

He has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the International Institute of Public Administration, Paris, France.

Dorji Norbu

Dorji Norbu, 58, is the candidate from Nganglam constituency, Pemagatshel. He is the former Director General of National Library and Archives of Bhutan.

He also served as the Joint Director of the erstwhile Planning Commission and later as Dzongdag of Trashiyangtse and Trashigang.

He said that he joined PDP to serve the people in a better way and making use of his 34 years of work experience. “Throughout most of my service years, I was involved in drafting policy and plans but I was never involved in the implementation process.” He further added, “I should go back to my community and serve the people there because they need the right people.”

His decision to join PDP is driven by the party’s caliber and far-sighted vision. “The party has delivered what they have pledged before the election.” He added that PDP has proven that given the right leadership and plan, a small country can dream big.

He has a Post Graduate Diploma in Demography and Population Studies from International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, India.

Sonam Penjore

The former Member of Parliament, Sonam Penjore, 53, has served during the first term of the Parliament from 2008-13 in DPT before stepping down in 2013. He is contesting from Kengkhar- Weringla constituency in Mongar.

He said he joined PDP as the party is competent since the inception of democracy. “I think the present government has done exceedingly well and has the best  team.”

He said that he would once again offer the choice to the people given his experience in parliament for five years. “As an experienced parliamentarian, I am once again standing to offer best choice to the people to serve the Tsa-Wa-Sum”

He has a Master in Business Administration (Finance) from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia.

Prior to joining politics, he has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Bhutan National Bank Securities Limited, Bhutan Xpert Consulting Services, and as Managing Director of Druk Emulsion Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Lobzang Dorji

Replacing MP Pelzang Wangchuk is a medical doctor, Dr Lobzang Dorji, 44, set to run from the Jomotshangkha-Martshala constituency in Samdrupjongkhar.

Dr Lobzang Dorji said, “As a citizen, I have observed that PDP has set a different standard, unlike other parties, by fulfilling people’s expectations and pledges made before and after the elections.”

He said the capability of the leader is recognized globally and entrusted by the people. He added that he was with the party since 2008.

He started his career as a medical officer at JDWNRH. He also served as District Medical Officer in Punakha and Tsirang, and later served as Medical Superintendent of Central Regional Referral Hospital in Gelephu.

He has a Master’s degree in Public Health and a holds Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS).

Wangdi Gyeltshen

Replacing MP Mingbo Dukpa is the former General Secretary of Construction Association of Bhutan, Wangdi Gyeltshen, contesting from Dewathang-Gomdar constituency, Samdrupjongkhar.

He said, “The party’s main focus of decentralization and empowerment of the people and community speak volumes and that the idea of Gross National Happiness can be translated into a reality.”

Wangdi Gyeltshen also participated as a candidate during the 2013 primary round election. “Taking part in politics provides a right platform to serve the people, and I am confident that I can contribute a lot to the people and community.”

He holds a Civil Engineering degree from RMIT, Australia, and Post Graduate Diploma in Housing, Planning and Building from HIS, the Netherlands and also has a Masters in Urban Housing Management from Erasmus University, the Netherlands.

Dr  Tobgay Tobgay

Geologist Dr Tobgay Tobgay (PhD) is PDP’s candidate from Dramedtse-Ngatshang constituency in Mongar.

“It’s an honor to have an offer from the party which has achieved so much with its strong ideology and good track record in last the five years,” adding, “Which is why the party’s leader falls one among top 50 leader globally.”

“I appreciate party’s clean record and its zero tolerance against corruption,” he added that PDP has done much more than expected in last ten years; as an opposition and as the ruling government.

He served as senior geologist with Department of Geology and Mines for 13 years. Given his experience as a geologist, he said his unique background, which very few to none of the political candidates have, will play a great role. “As mining is one of the five jewels of a country, my professional experience will be very useful.”

“The government has done so much for me so far, and now it’s time to return back to the government as I stick with the motto; to learn, earn and return.”

He has a Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences from Princeton University, New Jersey, USA. He also has Masters of Arts (Geosciences) from Princeton University and Masters of Science in Geology from the University of Texas at El Paso, USA.

Tandin Dorji

The former Head of Forest Fire Management Division, Department of Forest and Park Services, Tandin Dorji will run from the South Thimphu-Thromde-Chang -Darkarla – Ge-nyen-Maedwang Constituency in Thimphu.

“We have been given the opportunity to create our own future and when such opportunities are at stake, if we do not step up then we are not fulfilling our duties as a citizen.”

He highlighted several reasons for joining PDP. “I am inspired by the qualities and leadership skills embodied by the party’s leader.”

“As given the offer, I am motivated to work hard and give my best working with some of the most creative minds who work tirelessly for the enactment of the pledges made.”

Furthermore, he said that the way the present government is creating a positive impact on the democratic system with concepts, such as equity through zero tolerance to nepotism. “PDP has been exemplary towards implementing the GNH pillars, such as good governance and transparency.”

“This is one party that is innovative, not afraid of changes, has nothing to hide from the voters, and therefore, a very easy choice when I decided to join politics.”

He has a Masters in Environment from Australian National University, Australia.

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