PDP seals its victory in Punakha, again

The two constituencies of Punakha are the domain of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) once again, as even in this general election the Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) got no win.

The DPT candidate from the Lingmukha-Toedwang constituency Dr Sonam Wangyel Wang who was the former director of Royal Education Council lost to Chhimi Dorji, a former Dzongrab of Trongsa.

Dr Sonam Wangyel Wang secured total votes of 2,057 of which 1,860 were from the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and 197 from the postal ballot, while Chhimi Dorji won with total votes of 2,406 of which 1,945 were from the EVM and 461 from postal ballots.

“My wish is fulfilled, I am happy that people supported me, believed in the party. With the party pledges to fulfill I have big responsibilities,” Chhimi Dorji said.

“Bhutanese have made their choice, and my top priority will be to build a strong economy.”

He thanked the people of Bhutan for having 100 % faith in the party.

Upon review of the primary results, with 6,084 total registered voters, DPT had secured 1,328 votes of which 177 were from postal ballots and 1,151 from EVM. PDP secured total votes of 1438 of which 302 from postal ballots and 1,136 from EVM.

People of Kabji-Talo constituency also chose PDP’s Dophu Drukpa, former managing director of Mountain Hazelnut venture giving him 3,752 total votes of which 580 were from postal ballots while 3,172 were from EVM.

Namgay Penjore, the former National Council Chairperson, lost with 2,423 total votes of which 254 were by postal ballots and 2,169 by EVM.

With the 8,632 total registered voters in the constituency, the primary result reviews, DPT with 1,709 votes of which 214 were postal ballots and 1,495 were from the EVM, while the PDP secured 2,663 total votes of which 388 were postal ballots and 2,275 were from the EVM.

The Dzongkhag has a total 14, 716 registered voters of which DPT got 3,037 votes and PDP got 4,101 votes during the primary round. For the general round, DPT secured 4,480 votes and PDP secured 5,158 votes, with a difference of 678 votes which gave PDP its victory.

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