PDP secures clean sweep in Lhuentse due to past work

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has emerged victorious in both the constituencies of Lhuentse, securing a total of 4,217 votes.

In Gangzur_Minjey, PDP claimed victory with a total of 1,731 votes (688 EVM and 1,043 PB), surpassing Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) which got 1,375 votes. The registered voters numbered 9,461, and the voter turnout reached 5,682.

Expressing gratitude for the support, PDP’s Gangzur_Minjey candidate, Chimi Dorji, shared, “I’m very honored that people have faith in PDP. I think I won out of the other candidates because people know PDP has fulfilled all its mandates and delivered all promises during our past tenure. PDP has good rapport with the people and people recognized our capability.”

In Maenbi Tsenkhar, PDP candidate Yeshi Dorji secured a win with 2,486 votes (1,196 EVM and 1,290 PB), with BTP trailing with 1,352 votes. The total registered votes were 9,277, and the voter turnout stood at 5,681.

Yeshi Dorji expressed, “During our past tenure, we’ve delivered all the pledges, which is why people have confidence in us. I served as the Agriculture Minister in the past, and made a difference in that sector, which I believe contributed to the voters’ confidence in me.”

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