PDP sweeps Haa, while Gasa splits between BTP and DNT

In a big victory, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has sealed success in both constituencies of Haa, Bji_Kar-Tshog_Uesu, and Sangbaykha. The electoral landscape in Haa saw the PDP emerging as the clear favorite, securing a mandate from voters.

In Bji_Kar-Tshog_Uesu, a constituency with 4,418 registered voters, the PDP succeeded with 1,633 total votes, comprising 1,162 EVM votes and 471 PB. The Bhutan Tendrel Party came second with 626 votes.

Similarly, in Sangbaykha, PDP demonstrated unwavering support with 1,413 EVM votes and 720 PB with a total of 2,133 votes. BTP was in the second position with 226 votes.

Meanwhile, Gasa witnessed a political divide, with BTP securing victory in Khamaed_Lunana and Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) succeeding in Khatoed_Laya. In Khamaed_Lunana, with 1,175 registered voters, BTP sealed a narrow victory with 275 votes, while PDP closely followed with 271 votes. The competition was intense, reflecting the voter’s engagement.

In Khatoed_Laya, with 1,125 registered voters, DNT emerged victorious with 303 EVM votes and 19 PB with a total of 322 votes. PDP secured the second position with 218 votes, showcasing a diverse political landscape.

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