PDP sweeps Paro due to its commitment

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) emerged victorious in the Primary Round of the National Assembly Elections 2023-2024 in Paro, securing both seats by a significant margin. The party garnered a total of 5,966 votes, with 4,538 votes cast through Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and 1,428 votes through postal ballots (PB).

Lamgong Wangchang candidate, Sonam Tashi, secured 2,835 votes (2,179 EVM and 656 PB), securing a resounding win. Despite a registered voter count of 11,444, voter turnout stood at 7,316 individuals, representing a turnout rate of 63.93 percent. Of the voters, 3,451 were male and 3,865 were female.

Expressing his joy, Sonam Tashi attributed his victory to two years of dedicated work as a candidate. He also highlighted his familiarity with the public, having previously contested the National Council Election in 2018.

He emphasized the PDP’s strong track record as the oldest registered party, along with the popularity and commitment of its president. He expressed optimism for the upcoming general round, citing his relentless efforts.

DNT secured second place with a total of 1,488 votes in the constituency.

In the Dokar-Sharpa constituency, PDP candidate Gem Tshering secured 3,131 votes (2,359 EVM and 772 PB), emerging as the winner.

The registered voter count in this constituency was 9,869, with a turnout of 6,855 individuals, representing a turnout rate of 69.46 percent. Of the voters, 3,210 were male and 3,645 were female.

He expressed gratitude for the people’s decision and attributed the victory to the party’s past record during its previous government tenure. He highlighted the effective functioning of the government at that time, including the provision of agricultural goods to the public.

The candidate mentioned that this was his second time running for the party, having previously contested in 2018. He acknowledged the party’s overall loss in the previous election due to postal ballots, but expressed confidence in the upcoming general round, as he believed the public had already made their decision.

DNT secured second place overall with a total of 2,312 votes.

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