PDP wins big in Dagana after strengthening party and an economy focused manifesto

PDP had a major victory in both the Drukjeygang-Tseza and Lhamoi Dzingkha_ Tashiding constituencies in Dagana. A total of 14,574 voters were registered in Drukjeygang-Tseza, followed by 13,892 registered in Lhamoi Dzingkha_ Tashiding

In Drukjeygang-Tseza, PDP dominated with 4,515 votes leaving Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) in second place with a total of 1,448 votes.

Sonam Dorji, representing Drukjeygang-Tseza, explained the reasons behind his lead in the constituency, attributing it to the people’s choice and their trust in effective leadership. He emphasized that the people’s confidence in the party stems from its track record of past accomplishments. He said, “Following our defeat in 2018, we dedicated ourselves to strengthening the party. We engaged in extensive research, and discussions, and crafted manifestos that genuinely address the needs of the people.”

Meanwhile, in Lhamoi Dzingkha_ Tashiding, the PDP secured a landslide with 5,091 votes from both EVM and postal ballots. BTP showed resilience but fell short with a total of 1,058 votes. These results underscore PDP’s strong standing in both areas, solidifying its support from the people.

Chandra Bdr. Gurung, who represents Lhamoi Dzingkha_Tashiding, expressed his thoughts on leading in the constituency. He emphasized that it’s mainly the people’s decision and highlighted the increasing education and awareness among voters in choosing effective leadership. He also shared the importance of delivering on past promises, noting a positive track record in fulfilling pledges. He credited the people for choosing PDP based on the country’s current situation and the party’s initiatives like the Economic Stimulus Plan.

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