PDP wins Bumthang but is not complacent

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has emerged victorious in Bumthang, securing both seats with a total of 2,720 votes. The breakdown of votes reveals that 1,956 were cast through Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), while 764 were postal votes (PB).

PDP candidate, Sonam Rinchen from Chhumig Ura, garnered an impressive 1,107 votes (775 EVM and 332 PB) during the Primary Round of the election.

Despite a registered voter count of 4,310, only 2,749 individuals turned out to vote, resulting in a turnout of 63.78 percent. Among the voters, 1,504 were female, and 1,245 were male.

Expressing his elation, the candidate shared his happiness at the moment, but acknowledged that there is still one more hurdle to overcome. He attributed the party’s success to the unwavering dedication and hard work of its members, and the trust of the electorate. 

He shared that he had served in the civil service before venturing into politics in 2018. Reflecting on his journey, he mentioned that it has been both exciting and unpredictable.

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) secured the second position with 496 votes.

Kuenzang Thinley, the candidate from Chhoekhor, Tang, emerged victorious with 1,613 votes (1,181 EVM and 432 PB). Despite a registered voter count of 6,832, only 4,638 individuals cast their votes, comprising 3,204 females and 2,113 males.

Expressing his gratitude, the candidate acknowledged that his victory was a result of the public’s choice and emphasized his respect for their decision.

He highlighted the trust and confidence that the people have placed in the PDP during the primary round and expressed hope that this support would continue in the general elections. He also acknowledged the competition posed by the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT), which has a prominent member from the constituency, and expressed optimism about his chances in the general round.

Analyzing the primary round results, he expressed hope that the people would continue to show their support. He pledged to give his utmost effort if his party emerges victorious in the next round, serving the people and the country with dedication.

DNT secured the second position with 1,406 votes.

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