PDP wins two constituencies in Gasa

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) secured the two consecutive wins in the Khatoed-Laya and Khamed-Lunana constituencies of Gasa.

The former National Assembly (NA) member Damchoe Dorji representing Khatoed-Laya constituency secured 444 votes of which 387 votes were cast through the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) and 57 from postal ballots.

The former ruling party Druk Phuensum Tshogpa’s (DPT) candidate Dorji Khandu secured 358 votes of which 353 were caste through EVM and 5 were secured from the postal ballots.

The PDP Khatoed-Laya candidate Damchoe Dorji said, “I feel good today. My competitor, DPT candidate was also very good, young and talented person. People have supported me because they have faith in me to work harder.”

In Khatoed-Laya constituency there are 902 total registered voters.

In the other Gasa constituency, Khamed-Lunana, the PDP secured 358 votes of which 324 were caste through EVM and 34 from the postal ballots. The PDP candidate representing Khamed-Lunana constituency is Pema Drukpa

The Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) candidate, Kinley Dorji of the constituency secured 356 votes, out of which 341 votes were cast through EVM and 15 from postal ballots.

PDP’s Khamed-Lunana candidate could not be contacted yesterday for his reaction to the general elections outcomes.

The Khamed-Lunana constituency has 940 registered voters and Gasa in total has 1,842 registered voters. There were 68 registered postal ballot voters, but 4 were rejected because of minor errors.

In the primary rounds, PDP secured total of 504 votes and DPT secured total of 586 votes from the constituencies of Gasa, but in the general elections PDP secured total of 802 votes and DPT secured total of 714 votes.

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