PDP wins with big margins in Chukha due to voters wanting change

In a resounding electoral success, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has clinched significant victories in Chukha, with Rinzin Dorji securing 4,619 votes (3,693 EVM and 926 PB) in the Phuentshogling Constituency and Pempa succeeding in Bongo_Chapcha with 6,575 votes (4,292 EVM and 2,283 PB).

Rinzin Dorji attributed his win to the electorate’s desire for change, emphasizing that the PDP embodied this transformation, leading voters to elect him as their representative. Speaking with confidence, he expressed gratitude for the trust placed in him by the people of Phuentshogling.

Similarly, Pempa, the victorious candidate from Bongo_Chapcha, outlined three key factors contributing to his electoral success. He said, “The exemplary leadership capabilities of the PDP, underscoring the party’s perceived competence in addressing economic challenges.”

He also said that the PDP’s experience as a former government, citing their history of making mature decisions that resonated with the needs of the people helped.

DNT came second in Phuentshogling with 1,372 votes while BTP came second in Bongo Chapcha with 1,321 votes.

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