PDP’s 13 pledges on day one

The PDP Manifesto said that on the first meeting of the Lhengye Zhungtsho, 13 decisions will be endorsed.

 Saturdays shall be ‘off-days’ where teachers and students do not have to come to the schools.

An executive order will revise the tenancy agreement for the residents of Changjiji colony to allow them to occupy the apartments until their retirement.

PDP will do away with the system to collect Nu.10 for Bhutanese entering the country at the Phuentsholing gateway.

It will announce the establishment of Economic Development Board (EDB) with the Prime Minister as the Chairperson. The EDB with cross sectoral membership shall take up the role to steer our economy for revival and subsequent flourishing.

Announce the establishment of a high-powered task force to develop the implementation plan for 15 billion economic stimulus program (ESP). Amongst others, ESP will be used in the Banking sector to inject liquidity, enable loan deferments, reduce interest rates, create other loan scheme to boost the economy. Set up special loan schemes to support special groups such as farmers, women, youth, persons with disabilities. Special investments for economic growth of the Rural areas. Creation of a specialized credit window dedicated for the CSIs.

The party will commission a comprehensive review of the business regulatory processes including at the exit and entry gateways. Require the review to be submitted in three months with concrete recommendations to remove all barriers and to ease the conduct of the businesses.

It will instruct the relevant agency to revise the FDI policy to make it business friendly and to attract FDIs in large numbers and to allow FDI in small and medium sector. 8

The Ministry of Education and Skills Development will be asked to review the IWP and develop a performance measurement system specific to the needs of the teachers in consultation with RCSC.

PDP will review the SDF regulation for tourists in the southern border towns to explore possibility of allowing tourists within the bordering towns without the levy of SDF.

Issue office order to all the Bhutanese embassies abroad to submit recommendations and ideas on how the embassy can promote inbound tourists to Bhutan.

It will give an office order to the relevant agencies to develop a separate action plan to achieve inbound tourist number to 300,000 annually. The plan may include reviewing of the SDF and any other regulatory processes that needs to be changed. The plan should be developed in consultation with all tourism stakeholders.

It will establish a sub-committee of Lhengye Zhungtsho (Cabinet) with working members from relevant agencies to work on regularization of contract employees.

PDP will also instruct relevant agencies to undertake feasibility study for the construction of five Airstrips in strategic locations across the country

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