PDP’s strong track record appreciated in Zhemgang clean sweep and Trashiyangtze is split between BTP and PDP

In a surprising electoral sweep, PDP emerged victorious in Zhemgang, securing an overwhelming mandate with 3,632 votes (1,633 EVM and 1,999 PB) from Bardo Trong and an additional 2,628 votes (1,311 EVM and 1,317 PB) from Panbang. Lekey Dorji triumphed in the Bardo-Trong constituency, while Lungten Dorji finalized victory in Panbang.

Lekey Dorji, expressing his gratitude for the support, and attributed the landslide victory to the people’s faith in the PDP. He emphasized the party’s track record, highlighting its governance from 2013-2018 and opposition role from 2008-2013.

Lekey Dorji, a familiar face in the constituency, said, “They saw me as their MP. They know that PDP promises what we can deliver, and we deliver what we promise. They also know PDP has a world-class leader in Dasho Tshering Tobgay. Another reason is that people know me as one of them, unassuming, down-to-earth, a true son of the soil, and a trustworthy fellow Khengpa who speaks and works for them wholeheartedly.”

Similarly, Lungten Dorji pointed to the significance of maintaining close connections with the electorate. He cited the last five years of continuous engagement with the people, understanding their aspirations, and aligning the party’s pledges with the community’s needs. Dorji said, “Our pledges seemed to have matched their aspirations, and at last, they have found our party appealing.”

DPT secured the second spot in both seats with 1,786 votes in Bardo Trong and 2,104 votes in Panbang.

In Trashiyangtze Namgay Dorji of the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) clinched victory in the Khamdang Ramjar Constituency with an impressive 2,463 votes (1,524 EVM and 939 PB).

Namgay Dorji attributed his success to his strong connections within the community, emphasizing qualities of integrity and sincerity. Speaking confidently, he said, “It is due to my connection with the community as a person with integrity and sincerity, followed by the trust gained during the familiarization process. My credibility working in different fields has also played a crucial role.”

Simultaneously, Thinley Wangchuk of PDP secured a win in Bomdeling Jamkhar with 2,024 votes (944 EVM and 1,080 PB) marking a historic moment as PDP breaks a fifteen-year streak without a win in the constituency.

Meanwhile, Thinley Wangchuk outlined two key factors contributing to his victory in Bomdeling Jamkhar. He said that the sustainable pledges of the PDP, particularly in rural areas, as the primary driving force. Additionally, he underlined the candidates’ credibility, backed by their significant experience. He revealed that people expressed confidence not only in his capacity as a candidate but also as a potential Minister if elected.

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