Pema Tashi pledges to curb nepotism and corruption

Pema Tashi, 38, from Serzhong gewog in Sarpang won the NC ticket against eight candidates with 5,253 votes of which 2,108 were PB and 3,145 EVM.

Pema  believes that with the experience he has in law, he can assure and ensure peace and happiness for all times to come by curbing nepotism and corruption in the community or nation and fulfilling the His Majesty’s vision by amending suitable laws.

Pema Tashi has worked as a civil servant under the Department of Agriculture and Marketing Cooperative and also in a private company, (WGoC, Rirab Construction), Financial Institute (DPNBL), Phuentsholing. He is also a founder and CEO at the MK Legal Consultancy.

He has a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (BA. LLB) from Calcutta University. Post Graduate Diploma in National Law, RIM, Simtokha and a Diploma in Information and Management System.

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