Pemagatshel’s three aspiring NC candidates pledges to serve the people

Pemagatshel has three aspiring candidates, Jamyang Namgyal, Yeshey Jamtso and Choining Dorji for the 2023 National Council Election.

NC candidate, Jamyang Namgyal, 34, from Shumar gewog, has studied BVSc & AH at Pondicherry University in India and Master of Sciences in Vector Ecology & Disease Modelling at the University of Calgary in Canada.

Jamyang Namgyal has worked as a Statistical Analyst for Bhutan Survey Agent & Consultancy and he has worked as Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock for almost 10 years.

“Why people should vote for me, as a former civil servant equipped with wide experience in government policies augmented by skills in research and statistics, I would be able to fulfill the mandate of a NC with excellence and professionalism. As someone who has always been passionate about serving the community, I am committed to ensuring that the needs and aspirations of our people are heard and addressed at the highest level,” said Jamyang Namgyal

Yeshey Jamtso, 49, from Nanong gewog, has a Professional Masters in Banking and Finance from Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and has 25 years of service in Bhutan Development Bank Limited.

He shared that during his stay in Pemagatshel, he knew about the issues and problems that the common people faced were due to not knowing the law and order clearly, and the people were not aware about the conditions and limitation on non-performing loans, and not aware about the load carrying capacity for heavy vehicles. Therefore, his pledges will be based on these issues and to serve the nation and the people.

Choining Dorji, 52, is re-contesting from Dechheling gewog. He also served as a Chair of the Legislative Committee of the National Council.

Choining Dorji studied B.A, LL.B (Honors), from National Law School, Bangalore, India. LL.M from California Western School of Law, San Diego, California, USA. Post Graduate Diploma in National Laws, from the Royal Institute of Management, Semtokha and a Post Graduate Certificate in Corruption Studies, from the School of Professional and Continuing Education, University of Hong Kong.

He has worked with High Court, Royal Civil Service Commission, Anti-Corruption Commission, DHI-INFRA and CDCL.

Choining Dorji pledged to review policies and support the review of any policy that serves the interest of the country and people.

He said, “A good law initiative will be implemented to make our laws understandable, more user-friendly and accessible. The rule-making procedures will also be drafted to address the problems our people are facing today.”

He also said that certain existing laws will be amended and certain new laws will be made to address problems faced by the people on a daily basis. These include the Limitation Law, Civil Liability Bill, Mines and Minerals Bill, and Impeachment Procedures Bill.

Apart from the review of policies and amendment of certain new laws, Choining Dorji also pledges to request the government to examine any law, decision or policy’s necessity, call ministers’ attention to any matter of urgent public importance, question the government about any action, policy or conduct and assist in development activities and help constituents in legal matters.

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