Penjore and RBP submit evidences

On 28 April 2022 Penjore and Royal Bhutan Police (RBP) submitted their evidences during the evidence hearing in the Thimphu District Court in connection to a defamation case against Penjore.

Penjore submitted three evidences during the hearing. He submitted a news article by BBS on 4 May 2021 on the court’s conviction of 12 former employees of BNBL to a year in prison for forgery.

During the hearing, he also submitted the post he made on 4 May 2021 wherein he had written “OAG’s AG and BNBL top executive must made to resign immediately for this shocking bigger crime at the Bhutan’s OAG level. A guilty secret cheating case through collusion-a National Shame.”

As his third evidence, he submitted that the police has submitted a report to OAG mentioning the charges against the 12 former employees of the BNBL and that they should be liable for forgery. The police’s report to OAG also mentioned the two counts of charges against the BNBL executive members, official misconduct and failure to report the crime, Penjore added.

Meanwhile, RBP submitted that Penjore has accused the OAG, Royal Court of Justice and BNBL with false information through his Facebook account. Police also submitted another post made by Penjore in October 2020 after a news story by BBS related to BNBL.

Thereby, RBP, during the submission, requested the court to charge Penjore according to the evidences that they have submitted.   

Penjore on 13 December 2021 requested the court to dismiss the defamation case against him by RBP. He also requested the court for a compensation for keeping him under detention for 16 days, which he says is illegal.

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