Penjore appeals to Supreme Court claiming compensation amounting of Nu 140 mn

Penjore, who was alleged of defaming the OAG through his social media handle has appealed to Supreme Court on 8 September, as the High Court has upheld the District Court’s judgment. In his appeal he claimed Nu 140 million (mn) as compensation from OAG for his arbitrary detention for 16 days.

High Court last week dismiss his appeal on compensation stating that there is no amount mentioned and damages were not proven. However, in the appeal to Supreme Court he claimed Nu 140 mn, of which 130 mn he has appealed for business impact cause by his arbitrary detention and Nu 10 mn for psychological or mental life threatening trauma.

In addition, in his appeal, he requests the court to charge the 7 BNBL executive members for official misconduct and conflict of interest. The High Court dismissed the charges against them due to lack of evidences last week.

However, Penjore questioned on why the OAG has dropped the charges and he requested court to hold everyone accountable, and to consider the investigation report of the police.

The appeal hearing will be done on Monday, 12 September 2022. 

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