Penjore asks for accountability in final rebuttal

Penjore, in his final rebuttal submitted the rights to report on corruption, and that the post from 4 May 2021 on his Facebook page was made based on a BBS news story for the public interest.

Penjore claimed that both the OAG and the BNBL are to be held accountable.

He said people would take laws for granted if they are not held accountable, right from the beginning and then there is every chance that there will be repetition of the crime, as they may feel that such cases will be dropped easily, without penalizing the senior members, he added.

He further cited that the existing laws are being taken for granted by OAG and BNBL, and this has to be fixed by making them accountable.

In addition, he said, “Irrespective of offices, they would forge a document knowing that they can get out just by paying Thrim-thue.”

They are setting a bad example in the society, he said, adding that they would really be questioned on why OAG did not investigate on official misconduct, and failure to report the crime.

If one is given the exemption then others would ask for same after committing the crime, he said.

The next hearing will be evidence hearing.

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