Penjore requests District court to dismiss the defamation case against him

He also requested the court for compensation

Penjore on 13 December requested the Thimphu District Court to dismiss the defamation case against him prosecuted by the Royal Bhutan Police with authorization from the Office of the Attorney General. In addition, Penjore also requested the court for compensation for keeping him under police detention for 16 days.

Penjore during his rebuttal in the court submitted that the post he shared on his facebook handle on 4 May 2021 was made in the public interest as per section 318 (a) of PCB 2004. He stated that the post was not for his own benefit.

He said that none of the 12 BNBL employees are known to him but he felt the need of justice and therefore, he shared his views along with the news covered by the mainstream media.

He further said that everything was made after reviewing all the relevant laws on freedom of speech, right to information, fighting against corruption and on human’s rights.

He was put in detention for 16 days which he claims to be an illegal detention. He, therefore, states that the OAG along with other agencies involved in doing so should be held liable.

The RBP had arrested him initially without a court warrant.

Before the court of law, he presented that if such incidences are not reported and investigated, the other agencies might then take a step forward in committing the same crime. He said people will have wrong perception on the law.

He felt the need of revisiting the case to address such crimes, he added.

The statements by Penjore are not only a defense against defamation but also an attempt to turn the tables on the RBP and OAG by bringing up his controversial detention.

Royal Bhutan Police will give their rebuttal on 20 December.  

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