People ask PM how will they sustain or pay house rents with prolonged lockdown

One frequent question or complaint from the public that has been coming up these says is the impact of the prolonged lockdown on the livelihood of people.

This question came up from the public again during the Prime Minister’s live press conference with the media on Monday.

The person asking the question said the prolonged lockdown has hurt livelihood and especially of daily wage earners. He asked the PM how they will sustain their families since they don’t have income and how will they pay house rents?

Lyonchhen Dasho Dr Lotay Tshering said it is a very obvious question and there are a lot of problems for people but this lockdown is like a light at the end of the tunnel which means the hope is that the lockdown does not need to be done again and again. 

“Our biggest service is that the lockdown will not be done again and in that scenario we can all do big and small works to earn a living,” assured the PM.

He said if people do not have enough to eat or sustain then there are various Kidu options being given by the Druk Gyalpo Kidu. He said people should be having the contact details for Kidu which is being provided for a while including during lockdowns.

The PM said it is also important to help each other and advise each other.

“We are a political government and actually it is our political interest to listen to whatever the public says and to do it but we have not done so. Since we know about the virus and know the consequences of lifting restrictions and the scenario in other countries we cannot even get sleep at night,” said the PM.

He said he knows the people are having problems but right now he did not see any opportunity or ability to distribute money among the people.

“Right now people who eat three meals may eat two and those who cannot afford at all may even being having soup, but after the relaxations when people can work we will offer more work opportunities, more credit and other measures for economic revival,” the PM promised.

He said situation in other countries have gone quite dire but they are not making that an excuse only.

He said the question is valid but it does not have any answer. The PM assured to keep changing the relaxation timeline if the situation is not too bad. He said it will not be rigid and they will try and lift the restrictions earlier.

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