People can file complaints with regard to public transport directly with me: PM

The Prime Minister Lyonchhen Tshering Tobgay said that people who face issues about public transport can directly bring their issues to his office.

This is after the Road Safety and Transport Authority (RSTA) Director General Pema Wangchuk last week said that RSTA cannot go by complaints raised in the social media. He also declined to respond or act on media reports that pointed out the poor service given by public transport buses.

The PM said that while the RSTA has indicated that it will not respond to social media and media complaints the people can approach his office directly.

Lyonchhen said that to some extent he could understand the RSTA position that it cannot take action based on social media complaints but wants actual complaints filed with it.

However, this paper as a part of a question informed the PM that the issue of public transport was raised by a lot of real people on social media and not only that a media report had been done talking to real people.

The RSTA DG had wanted complaints to also be filed ‘courteously’.

This is in the backdrop of an increasing number of people complaining about the deteriorating quality of buses, no checks by RSTA officials, over charging with luggage, behavior of bus drivers and other issues.

It was also found that RSTA officials are not doing the mandatory physical inspection of the buses before they depart and drivers have to just sign a form inside the RSTA office.

The PM assured action based on any complaints with his office especially those backed up by evidence.

An email to reach the PM’s office is mediarelation.opm@gmail.comwhere people can write in with details and if possible pictures too.

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