People Democratic Party (PDP) youth wing meet together

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) guaranteed 100% employment to the country’s youth if elected to power during its meeting in the Youth Development Fund (YDF) hall, Thimphu on Saturday, May 11.

“As youth politics is important just now, in every part of the world, many youth are participating in politics, and most of them have passed out from college because they are concerned about the country, and because they are innocent, honest and you have integrity. You may have more concern than us because as you have integrity, you have a passion of justice, and you want your country to become better, brighter, and bigger,” PDP President Tshering Tobgay said.

“In Bhutan we are talking of 3,000 to 4,000 youth, if PDP wins we can create employment since first and foremost, there are many job opportunities in our country, secondly, we can improve and expand the economy by starting big companies that will employ many people, and thirdly, we have to create certain private companies.”

PDP’s North- Thimphu candidate Sangay Tshoki said, “50% are women, so 50% of women’s idea will be left out, if women do not participate. I have participated in politics to show an example to young girls, and to other women.”

She said that Gross National Happiness (GNH) is exemplified in women because women help others by caring for the men, children, families, and in managing the household. She said that is perhaps, the reason why women cannot participate in politics; it is not that women are not qualified.

“I ask women colleagues and youth, women have no courage that is why they are not coming out. For democracy, women participation is very important,” she added.

The main agenda of the meeting, according to PDP Youth Coordinator Lobzang Dorji is to encourage youth to vote for the right party during this election.

According to him, the youth are not useless, but careless, so it is very important to involve youth in politics, as an agent for change in democracy like Bhutan’s.

“Each and every youth dream about getting job in their school and university days. It is important to know about politics, which party is good or helpful, we should know, but I am not saying that you should vote for PDP. We consider youth as being very important,” he added.

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  1. drawing youth to decide the future of the country is great. hope the ecb has guidelines and ToR for the formation of the youth wing- which has to be, to mention a few,  anti sectarian, with proper organogram, action plan and members with credible history.

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