People shares their happiness on Royal Birth of Gyalsey

The atmosphere is charged with happiness. There are visible signs of sheer joy and excitement in the faces of people. A sense of national unity and pride radiates, Bhutan is ready to celebrate the Royal Birth of the Nation’s Son, His Royal Highness The Gyalsey. The focus of the significant day is carried in the international scene as many news outlets around the world also carry the news of the birth of HRH The Gyalsey and felicitations come pouring in.

While gathering reaction from the people, many old aged people said they consider themselves to be lucky to witness the Royal Birth. They said it is like a peak into the future. Many of the middle aged people said it is like witnessing the first chapter of another history in the making. Even the young and the youth mentioned the joy and happiness they felt knowing a young prince is born in the glorious Wangchuck Dynasty.

Ever since His Majesty The King announced the birth of the prince in Changlimithang stadium on 11 November 2015, the stadium packed with people could not contain its happiness and cheers at the news.  Tears of happiness streamed down people’s faces. It was the news they had longed to hear from His Majesty.

The announcement of the Royal Birth, followed by the kupar of the Gyalsey loving held on the lap by His Majesty the Fourth King with His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Gyaltsuen looking at the Gyalsey was instantly shared on all social media outlet. Everyone wanted their own copy of the picture. A glimpse of the Gyalsey made many cry happy tears and the Kuapr made its way on family altars as a sign of respect and to offer prayers for long life.

In addition, many people rushed to photo studios to order the Kupar in frame and to take home as a prized photograph. Some of the people who ordered the framed picture said they feel closer to Their Majesties when such a Kupar is put up in their homes.

An 80-year-old woman, Aum Dem, said, “I feel lucky enough to have a chance to at least have a glimpse of Gyalsey before my death, and I am very happy that I can’t convey my feelings through words.”

She also said that she was not ready to leave this world before having a glance at the Gyalsey. “Now as I have seen our Gyalsey I am ready to face my death anytime, and I pray for his long life,” she added.

An 84-year-old man, Tshering Dorji, said that he never expected to have a chance to have a glance of the Gyalsey. “I never thought I will live this long despite my poor health, but it was my luck that I lived on for a reason.”

“I pray for the Gyalsey’s long life and wish to have more glances of the Gyalsey before my death,” he added.

A 53-year-old civil servant, Sonam Tashi, said, “From the day His Majesty made the announcement of the Royal Birth, I was excited since then. I longed for the day to hear the happy news and get the chance to see our prince. I got to witness history today and I am very happy. I will always pray for our Gyalsey’s long life.”

Similarly, a private employee, Yangzom, shared her happiness on the royal birth. “I always waited for the day when the Gyalsey would be born. I counted the number of days. Today I feel very happy and excited for the Gyalsey is finally here,” she said.

“I am happy and I know the prince is born. I love my King and Queen and now since prince is born, I will love him a lot and I pray for his long life,” said a school going child.

“A much awaited event has finally arrived, Bhutan has been blessed with a prince and we are waiting for the name,” said Sharma, a private employee.

Tshering, another private employee said that, the nation is blessed with the prince and it was a great start to the New Year. The nation wishes and prays for the long life and happiness of the Gyalsey.



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